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Jadakiss (feat. Kanye West) "Gettin' It In"

Альбом: Kiss of Death

[Jada] Ah-ha!

Shorty gettin it in with me (uh-huh)
Shorty gettin it in with me (yeah)
She said I brought some friends with me, but I don't know why
Because they ain't gettin in with me (uh-uh)
Shorty gettin it in with me (yeah, yeah)
Shorty gettin it in with me (uh-huh)
She said I brought some friends with me, but I don't know why (yeah)
Because they ain't gettin in with me (yo)

[Verse One: Jadakiss]
You know me, I'm with a ghetto diva, stiletto fever
Jell-o shots, yellow reefer
Same rules apply, I'm back on top
You can't drink or smoke if you not gon' pop
See me in the popcorn drop, not gon' stop
Takin shots of Catron, gettin top on yachts
The medallion's a mountain, rock on rocks
The whole world wanna know when this lock gon' drop
Without a doubt, she acknowledge the wealth
Since she ain't give brains, I told her let me get some knowledge of self
Then I told her be proud of yourself and dig deep
And try to see what you could get out of yourself
After all that, I told her to fall back
The Ferrari truck parked in the back is all black
Next time, bring some friends and more 'gnac
It depends how I feel in the morn' if I call back, what


[Verse Two: Kanye West]
Yeah, Kanye to the, yeah
I'm with this bad Ethiopian chick, drinkin straight up liquor
I told her I'm nigger-ian, a straight up nigga
Now is it just me, or do them ugg's
Have girls be lookin like sheepskin rugs
Some rhyme with a name, some rhyme nameless
Don't try to treat me like I AIN'T FAMOUS
My apologies, are you into astrology
Cause I'm, I'm tryin to make it to Uranus
See that's a little Don Juan game
All across your chest like Sean John name
Niggaz tryin to figure out since Kan came
Who the rookie of the year, me or LeBron James
They say whoa, don't get caught up in the hype
Ain't no tellin they gon' love you after tonight
Well if tonight's the night, pop bottles, fuck models
Spend money 'til you broke, my nigga live your life!

[Jada] Ah-ha!


[Verse Three: Jadakiss]
Shorty gettin it in with me, 600 Benz with me
She wanna spend with me, uhh
She see me roll up the bud, then thug out the club
Cause I got my mens with me, uhh
She said she leavin her friends for me
They ain't gettin in with her, cause she gon' bend for me, uhh
Her tongue spin like a rim for me, do what she can for me
Look like a ten for me, uhh
Now shorty is out with me, usin her mouth for me
She lookin out for me, uhh
She said 'Kiss where you live, I said you see the Bridge
when you step on the balcony, let's go


[Jada] Ah-ha!

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