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Jay-Z (feat. Amil, Big Jaz) "Nigga What, Nigga Who"

Альбом: Vol. 2, Hard Knock Life

Uh-huh uh-huh, gi-gi gi-geyeah
Roc-a-Fella y'all, uh-huh uh-huh, Jigga
Timbaland shit, nine-eight BEYOTCH
Say what, say what? Uh-huh uh-huh, follow me beotch

Nigga what, nigga who?
Nigga what, nigga who?
Switcha flow, getcha dough
Can't fuck with this Roc-a-Fella shit doe
Switcha flow, getcha dough
Can't fuck with this Roc-a-Fella shit doe

[Jay-Z] --> first four lines overlap the section above
Can't fuck with me
They ain't ready yet
Uh-huh uh-huh
Yeah, yeah
Motherfuckers wanna act loco, hit em wit, numerous
shots with the fo'-fo'
Faggots wanna talk to Po-Po's, smoke em like cocoa
Fuck rap, coke by the boatload
Fuck dat, on the run-by, gun high, one eye closed
Left holes through some guy clothes
Stop your bullshittin, glock with the full clip
Motherfuckers better duck when the fool spit
One shot could make a nigga do a full flip
See the nigga layin shocked when the bullet hit
Oh hey ma, how you, know niggaz wanna buy you
But see me I wanna _Fuck for Free_ like Akinyele
Now I gotta let her take this ride, make you feel it
inside your belly, if it's tight get the K-Y Jelly
All night get you wide up inside the telly
Side to side, til you say Jay-Z you're too much for me

Chorus: Jay-Z (with Amil)

(Nigga what?)Make you think you can fuck with me
(Nigga who?)Recognize girl, Jay to the Z
*repeat 3X*
(Nigga what?)Make you think you can fuck with me
(Nigga who?)Recognize bitch, Jay to the motherfuckin Z

Got a condo with nuttin but condoms in it
The same place where the rhymes is invented
So all I do is rap and sex, imagine how I stroke
See how I was flowin on my last cassette?
Rapid-fire like I'm blastin a Tec, never jam though
Never get high, never run out of ammo
Niggaz hatin n shit cause I slayed your bitch
You know your favorite, I know it made you sick
And now you're, actin raw but you never had war
Don't know how to carry your hoe, wanna marry your hoe
Now she's mad at me, causer Your Majesty, just happened to be
A pimp with a tragedy
She wanted, us to end, cause I fucked with friends
She gave me one more chance and I fucked her again
I seen her tears as she busted in, I said, "Shit..
there's a draft, shut the door bitch and come on in!"

Chorus (with variation in last line)

Gotta vendetta even though I been better
Left him in the cold with a thin sweater
Rap niggaz on Prozac get the bozack, niggaz threw
two at me I threw fo' back, hold that
Let the dough stack, way before Big had the gold Ac'
Dame had the Lex black
Motherfuckers wanna test that, stress that
And right where you're stressed, where you rest at
I suggest that, niggaz invest, in a vest, when I come through
with the glock jet black, you niggaz step back
I'm the best at, you know I ain't no apprentice to this
Me and my niggaz we invented the shit
I came into the business with this, The Originator, non greater
Jaz-O finish this shit

[Big Jaz]
Better learn, Jaz'll relax that, ever heard of me?
Worldwide Originator, say word to me
The population holla certainly, I burn a nigga
like a third degree, see me shine so bright
Nigga I'm my light, runnin rulin with rigor and vigor
Nobody bigger than me and my nigga Jigga
You fly-by-nights stop chirpin B
Heavyweights type work to me
For the time, in this motherfucker ain't nobody hurtin me
What? Cut your face in like surgery
Who the fuck got a VS, fuckin BM's on the road
when you had to be in bed at the PM
Need the info, Jaz on the C-N-N
forever touchin my workers beginnin you're endin
Nigga your style's no style my style's hostile
C'mon, faggot nigga down to take the gun home
The O-RI-GI-NA-TOR (can't FUCK with it can ya?!)

Chorus (with variations)

[Amil] * repeat to fade *
Switcha flow, getcha dough
Can't fuck with this Roc-a-Fella shit doe
Switcha flow, getcha dough
Can't fuck with this Roc-a-Fella shit doe

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