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Lil' Romeo (feat. Master P) "Let Me Shine"

Альбом: Romeoland

I know you gonna let me shine right
Me and my dawgs we be ballin all night
Why? the ice that we rock is all nice
Why? them girls that we know is all tight
I know you gonna let me shine right
Me and my dawgs we be ballin all night
Why? the ice that we rock is all nice
Why? them girls that we know is all tight

[Verse 1]
Let's go, its the one and only rom me oh
I got more dough than cookie shops so
I sign more chests than Nike stores sold
I'm kinda like Ness, I go wherever the money go
I mean this dude is all bout the cheerios
I ain't ATM, make 7-figure digitals
But I ain't here to brag, I'm here to dance
See what you can do in them Passion pants
You wear em good but that is that
Work them jeans, move up and back
Now let me see ya come around like that
I like to have fun and thangs, I'm never gonna change
I can't leave home without my platinum chain
Man, I like to play but its not a game
and I got more ice than Alaska mayne
Richboyz ride benz, we don't push no jeep
We in the park man, about 30 deep
I got the hood from my pops, we was born to ball
R.I.P. Lil' Fred, put cha name on the wall, yeah


She's so fly, She's so fine
and you know I'm gonna make her mine
He's so fly, Romeo fine
you know I'm gonna make him mine

[Verse 2]
Yep, thats how all say when they see me
Romeo, you look so different from Chingy
can you call me? or maybe text me
I know you can get tired of these young girls asking
Girl: (I could be a demi) You could be an ashton
It ain't a movie, I'm the main attraction
Jumping off bentleys, sitting on spinners
This ain't no hoops but who got winners?
I'm be around for awhile, check the roley
I'm quick like Mike Bibby, you haters can't hold me
Call me the champ, the title is mine
I'm like a young Ali, back in his prime
I'm changing the game, it ain't bout the fame
I'm only a teen with a whole lotta change
We only play with them platinum toys
The New No Limit, y'all make some noise, yeah


[Verse 3: Master P]
These boys can't touch me mayne
Diesel on the beat, don't let me pump ya mayne
Call me Jackhammer, cause I'm running thangs
I got enough money to feed the country mayne
Fly A G4 but they can't touch me mayne
First Father & Son to get money
Haters try to sue us but y'all get nothing
I'm the Shaq now, playing for the kidd
With Mike, Christian, Brad trying to get ranged
So bring the heat, love the streets
I'm like Doug man, I can't be beat
I'm a thug but I love the kids
Y'all do it small but we does it big


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