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LL Cool J "U Should"

Альбом: 10

Uhh.. yeah
Uh-huh.. uh-huh
Uhh.. yeah

[LL Cool J]
I'ma make you feel good (uhh)
It'll be my pleasure to take you out the hood (yeah)
Let you shop 'til you drop
Let you pick your own rocks
I'ma carry the bags
Tell you little things, make you giggle and laugh
In the.. strawberry bubblebath
The future's bright, baby forget about the past (yeah)
Get your toes done (uhh)
Sacrifice our love for no one (uh-uh)
French perfume
Brand new mansion, let you decorate the rooms (hoo)
Breakfast in the suite (yeah)
Walk hand in hand in the French Riviera streets
Make no mistake
I'ma get you what you want, girl whatever it takes (yeah)

[Chorus: sung] + (LL)
You.. should know, how to treat, your girl, playboy
(You should know how to treat her)
You.. should know, how to treat, your girl, playboy
(That's your girl playboy)

[LL Cool J]
I'ma caress your face (uhh)
Give you the keys to your new place
Just don't touch my safe (ahaha)
That's forbidden fruit, and that would be a waste
Which bracelet you want? (huh?)
What shoes you wanna flaunt? (huh?)
You like the Gucci joints
Or the Manolo Blahniks cause they ultra sheek
Have you lookin like a runway model (uhh)
Sippin Perrier your way out of custom bottles
Aromatherapy and massages
Take you to church baby, teach you who God is (amen)
Tell me what you like (uhh)
Where you wanna go, we goin there tonight
No question I'm the real McCoy
You ain't gotta be a pimp if she loves you playboy

[Chorus] w/ variations

[Bridge: LL ad libs]

[LL Cool J]
I tease you with the tip (mmm)
I'll bite your bottom lip (mmm)
Make you climax real quick
Over and over again, it's sick
Orderin your favorite food (mmm)
Incense and candles, I set the mood
Tear you up on Playstation 2
You on the phone with your aunt cause I'm lacin you (uhh)
Pillow fights in the waterbed, mirrors on the ceiling (yeah)
Hot and sweaty, clothes start peeling
Why you think the waterfall's in the shower
Float with me, the world is ours
You a pretty little thing, y'know?
You keep me hungry, make me wanna get dough
That's why I take care of you
Most men can't do what I do, y'know?

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

[LL Cool J]
Yeah, treat you right baby
I'll treat you right, yeah..

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