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LL Cool J "Every Sip"

Альбом: Definition

[LL Cool J]
(Sip somethin)
Uhh, sip somethin
(Sip somethin)
I wouldn't drink that, if I was you

[Chorus] + (LL Cool J)
With every sip of my drink (uhh)
I get a little bit closer (uh-huh)
And when I'm tryin to re-think (yeah)
I can't really get focused (uh, uh)
I wasn't tryin to be mean
I can see that it's hopeless (uhh)
Cause your persistance overpowers me
I know you rollin out with me

[Verse One]
I was stayin at the Shore Club, leanin in the red room
Seen this tan mami, she was fresh off the sand dunes
Big bottles and models and poom-pooms
Surroundin my table, watchin me like cable
My Dolce hat was low, Versace shades
Had the Prada shoes on cause the world is a stage
Lah-lah in the air, it's a sky bar affair
The glamorous life, I had my glass in the air
When my eyes connected with somethin real real nice
Like she finished her drink and started chewin on my ice
Her smile was bananas, teeth was pearly white
That's when I realized it'll be a long night
The vibe was right, she was laced in all white
Her French manicure traced the crown on my mic
You ever try to focus, resist with all your might
But every sip you take pulls you deeper in the hype

[Chorus] + (different ad libs)

[Verse Two]
I'm talkin tan lines, belly rings and things
DJ rubbin my thing, makin my head swing
All the honies was schemin..
cause the rocks in my ears was gleamin, oh God I must be dreamin
My vision was blurry, the party was rockin
The tools was knockin, honey wanna get it poppin
Try my best to chill, she was fresh out of Brazil
People was walkin by makin our drinks filled
What would you do, if you was a Don
in a position to wild out with a Brazilian blonde?
Or maybe you a honey and it's hard to keep calm
Cause you sippin on somethin and homeboy's the bomb
You dancin in your seat, and singin along
And every sip makes you feel like you need to perform
The party is packed, it's just a little too warm
But you take another sip to prove that you strong

[Chorus] + (different ad libs)

[LL] Take it to the bridge

[Interlude] + (LL Cool J)
I can't call it, I can't tell
Honestly, I'm drunk as hell (uh-huh)
And me, I can not believeeeee (lay back baby)
This night out is windin down (uhh)
You keep buyin all these rounds for meeeeee (aww man)
I know what you want from me (yeah)
I know what you want

[Chorus] - repeat 2X (w/ different ad libs)

[Outro] + (LL Cool J)
Rollin out with me (roll out)
Rollin out with me (uhh, roll out)
Roll out (roll out)
Yeahhh (uhh, uhh, roll out)
(uhh, uhh, roll out)
(uhh, uhh, roll out)
(uhh, uhh, roll out)
(uhh, uhh, roll out, yeah)
(Yo Timbo! Bar's on you baby, hahahaha)

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LL Cool J "Every Sip" lyrics of song

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