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LL Cool J "Can't Explain It"

Альбом: Definition

[LL Cool J]
Yeah, uh-huh
Uh-huh, I can't explain it
You know it's that moment
It's just that moment
Y'knahmsayin? I can't explain it

[Chorus: singers] w/ ad libs
Can't explain it
My love when we're together
You're the greatest, nobody does it better
When you hold me
I wish that I could be your, one and only
Nobody does it better

[Verse One]
I understand you want canaries on your hand
Masterpiece Roley, gold tri-color band
Cute wedding pictures sittin on the nightstand
You don't wanna make it happen unless it's the right man
I know you won't touch me unless you trust me
You kiss me and hug me but still won't crush me
I'm kissin on your neck real tender
Gentle as can be, but you still won't surrender
Let me kiss your eyes
Let the smell of the incense enhance the vibe
I pull back to stare at your eyes
Sittin there quiet like I'm hypnotized
We kiss a little more, laugh and smile
Might even share a lollipop, you know my style
Kick your Charles Davids off, relax for a while
Let's pretend that we're walkin down the aisle
I can't explain it


[Verse Two]
Straight up, you beautiful B
I don't think you understand what you doin to me
On the couch witcha legs crossed, watchin TV
Shoe hangin off the tip of your foot, you killin me
Uhh.. then we kiss for real
I'm fully prepared, I'm already steel
You go to the bathroom for a second
I understand baby, I know what you checkin (a-heh-heh)
That's when you come back and walk to me slow
That's when you change up and let it all flow
I'm kissin on your belly ring nice and slow
I love to take my time, love to give you a show
Get the warm chocolate syrup to travel below
Use my ears like handlebars, take control
Ain't no sense in stayin calm and playin the role
Baby relax, let me touch your soul
I can't explain it


[Verse Three]
My turn to get rocked, lifted out my socks
with sound effects and whatnot (mmm)
A little perfume above the right spot, just a touch
Never too much, I lick it like a Dutch
Two of my favorite numbers, you know what I mean
Add 'em up and they equal fifteen
You the 6... I needed you like a fix
I can see it my mind, I knew we was gon' click
I pick up the pace
You feel the stubble from my beard on your face
I look at your lips and take a taste
Switch it up I got my hands on your waist
We whylin out, we all over the place
I'm holdin on with a strong embrace
You holdin on and tryin to keep the faith
Together we blast to outer space, I can't explain it


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