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Loon (feat. Mario Winans, P. Diddy) "Down for Me"

Альбом: Loon

[Mario] Oh yeah, oh yeah
[Diddy] It's your turn now kid
[Mario] Oh yeah
[Diddy] Bad Boy

[Chorus - Mario Winans]
I want a woman that's down for me
I want her there to take care of my body (Puff: Loon)
I want a woman that'll wash my hair
Someone who's always there
I want a woman that'll show me things
Someone to fulfill my dreams
Settle down wit be my queen
She's the only one for me

[Verse 1 - Loon]
Yo, Ebony complexion, came in my direction
Eyes made connection, body was perfection
And got a smile that will light your life up
She make a thug, put the guns and knife up
Definitely the type of chick you wife up
Tennis skirts and Niked up, throwin the bike up
Eleven hundred Ducatti, ain't as fine as her body
Don't believe me, should have been at the party
You can tell whether not was her hobby
The way niggaz act, you would think J.Lo in the lobby
Or, maybe Beyonce, maybe Ashanti
The way I feel ma, I need a fiancé
The type of love that will last forever
Not a chick that's around just for half my cheddar
Wanna play wanna laugh together, even flash together
And girl you can get the cash whenever (Puff: Sing the song)

[Chorus] + (w/ Loon ad-libs)

[Verse 2 - Loon]
When it comes to sex, I'm similar, to the Thriller
In Manilla, they call me Young Marcus I'm heartless
But baby girl I'm on a whole 'nother plateau
After I taste you, I'll hit from the back slow
...You can get it from the back mo'
...Until you hit a nigga back whoa!
It was a fight tonight
I'm going out like mike tonight, I might bite tonight
You got a right to like
Whatever you want, tonight's the night, we gon' be right tonight
Bottles on ice tonight
Teddy P., Barry White tonight (Puff: Keep going)
Cause I adore you, and that's the reason why I spoil you
Foot massage body rub with the oil
I knew I wanted you first minute I saw you
And I was lucky to find a woman that's loyal (Puff: Let's go)

[Chorus] + (w/ Loon ad-libs)

[Verse 3 - Loon]
Ayo, the things that you showed me, the way you consoled me
The way that you used to hold me might have mold me
To the man that you see in the flesh
I promise you, I could never be like the rest
Treat you like my moms, as far as the way that I love her
Feelings I'm feel inside, like the day that I hugged her
Open up the door, I help her out with the bags
Car get dirty, I help her out the Jag
Folks get flirty, I help ‘em out with the mag
I ain't lyin', I'm in love wit you bad
Cause you something I never had, something I wanna lose
Something I gotta have, it's nothing for me to choose
But still I hope that I love get perfected
Even though on the low it get hectic
Feelings we share, don't need no correction
Let me be your angel and I'll be your protection (Puff: Mario talk to ‘em)

[Mario Winans]
Girl won't you take my hand (ohh)
I'll help you understand (oh baby)
This could be love (oh yea)
Ohh this feels like love to me
That's why you need to know (to know)
Oh please don't let this go (don't go)
I need your love (ohh) oh (ohh)
Girl give your love to me


[Outro - Mario Winans]
I want you baby, I need you lady
I love you baby, sweet sexy lady
I want you baby, I need you lady
Oh come to me, come to come to me

[P. Diddy]
Bad Boy, baby
And another one
Loon, it's your turn now kid

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