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Loon "This Ain't Funny"

Альбом: Loon

Uh yeah, c'mon, uh, yo, aiyyo

[Verse 1]
How I'm gon' forget my muscle, I just had to switch my hustle
And try to make hits that crush you, and dance like Nipsey Russell
And have Puff doin the hustle, I do what I must do
I keeps my shit consistent, I keeps my listeners listenin
My rocks be glistenin, I come through blocks be hissin
But niggaz can't stop my mission
My main intention, is to make niggaz pay attention
I don't wanna call my henchman
I got some French men, that come through put some French in
Or Muslim to burn nigga body like incense
If Loon dies, wolves come out like moon rise
And make niggaz hard to find like moon pie
If you wise nigga, you'll move like two pies
Then to stand here and keep on lookin in Loon eyes

[Chorus] - 2X (with second time starting with "now")
This ain't funny so don't you dare laugh
I'm just another brother that's out to get cash
The goal of the street is to hold ya own
If you smart, then you never got to hold no chrome

[Verse 2]
Uh, yeah, now this verse I feel I owe you
You tryna get dough I show you, even if I don't know you
Tell you couple things I go through
And maybe you can get some dough too, just spit your vocals
And do the shit Tone and Poke do, or get a nigga work the pro tools
I chose a local, nigga that's probably broke to
So this way a nigga could blow to
I beg to differ, you the type nigga bread get thicker
Top of that, nigga head get bigger
Go 'head then nigga, you don't know where you headin nigga
Last year you was a beggin nigga
Never said the nigga was even close to bein bred from nigga
You got a plan, get ya bread then nigga
I fed you niggaz, just like Moses when I led you niggaz
I could see why niggaz dread you niggaz, uh


[Verse 3]
Ha, ha, haha, never find that funny (why?)
Girl you know I works hard for my money (hmm)
You callin me a thief please, don't even try it
Find ya groupie ass a seat and be quiet
She almost got cut short, you know scissors
For stuntin on that kid, who neck look like lizard
That young Harlem nigga, who lifestyle exquisite
And all the young ladies can't wait to come visit
Loon, I stay on ass like sassoon
Mansion with 22 rooms in Cancun
Handsome, I keep the girls glancin and dancin
Prone to rock stone when I blow my advancement
Never alone, either home or romancin
Nigga get in the zone when I'm rollin my Branson
And yo chances of you gettin this shit is no chances
You better get a drink and go dancin


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Loon "This Ain't Funny" lyrics of a song

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