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Mobb Deep "Kill That Nigga"

Альбом: Infamy

Yo, It's like this man, It's real simple

If my nigga was my nigga like I thought he was
Would he have snitched, hung me out the dry to fuck
Guess you don't know a nigga 'till you catch a case with 'em
It aint all gravy just because you make cake with 'em
It's real, niggaz scared to death of state prison
To the end when a nigga get caught start snitchin'
Imagine the eyes of a nigga that you knew
For about 20 joints with the nerve to point
Hurt worser than that physical pain
You fetish nigga roll with the sorry fuck now he switchin' to lame
Niggaz in the box could relate to my pain
All I got is my word and I'ma get you thats my word
Through family friends or even fuckin' your bird
Fuck it anything long as your death occur
Whatever happened to death before dishonor
It's time for your end and i'ts my honor


(Kill that nigga)
Never wish death, only if I have to, if it's my last option left
(Kill that nigga)
Should of kept your mouth tight he's losin' his life
Be locked up or sending out kites

Ay yo this nigga runnin' 'round runnin' his mouth speakin' on the wrong shit
What the fuck is this Dave Letterman shit on the late night
Creep on the talk show as rap asses get shot in they throat, speak on that
Girlie mouth nigga you worse than a bitch
I done shot niggaz for you put my life at risk
How you gonna go behind me and knife my back
Must be insane and I got a cure for that
My hammer will knock sense in the nigga real quick
Nail a nigga tongue with the four fifth
Nigga you in violation of that code of silence
Niggaz like you get real niggaz unedited
We can have that kidnap that bitch torture and tourment that snitch
We gotta make examples out these hummig bird fucks
Matter fact pull 'em out the trunk, I'm bout to

Chorus (repeat 2x)

Never wish death

Kill that nigga (3x)

I'm sendin' out kites

Kill that nigga (4x)

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