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Mystikal (feat. O'Dell) "Sleepin' With Me"

Альбом: Unpredictable


The Bitch x6
The bitch been

Chorus: O'Dell

The bitch been sleepin' with me
(the bitch)
The bitch been sleepin with me
(the bitch been)


I woke up this morning, dick rock hard
this time I had scratches on my back
Agghh, lipstick on my draws
cause me and the bitch from down the street been creepin'
I beat that pussy like a heathin'
and she keep my beeper beepin'
don't repeat this
the whole while we was sneakin' I was cheatin'
Shhh, its a secret
my lady wanna try to kill me to find out where I was sleepin'
I guees the fuck she can't find out
come on hoe hurry up and put on your mutherfuckin' clothes
look bitch we got to dine out
she ? me locks, give me knots
put on your draws and your socks
she make unannounced frequent stops
it wouln't be nothin pleasent if she catch us
or find them dirty love letters
or them pictures of you in sexy teddies
she knows its heavy breathin when we finish
legs and shit gonna be numb
and you gonna be so ?
find your mutherfuckin' earings and fix yo hair
come on lets bounce up out this motherfucka before
Michael, you in there



I didn't want to get into it
get involved
I know you know thats that same broad from them late night phone calls
but I swear darlin, I done begged that bitch to stop callin'
come on don't look at me like that
it ain't that way at all
besides shit we ain't married I ain't got nothin' to hid
if I'de a fucked I could've told ya
she said ya ain't gotta lie
just for your information I walked down the street on the side
when you and that bitch was gettin' outa dodge
I already found out you's a rapper so I should'nt be suprised
I guess I had to see it with my own two eyes
I said what the hell, F.B.I.
she a spy
girl pull that fuckin' skin back and call me circumsized
she said yea you make me laugh but you make me cry
and I done put up with shit, them trifflin hoes and I'm tired
I said what you tryin' to say
she said I would just let you slide but I got my pride
I love you Michael but this is goodbye
you all know why



and being that I'm happily unmarried with no attachments
a black bachelor with cabbage
bitches be throwin' pussy at me
baby you nasy
but put your number in my bepper and I'll pick you up Saturday
she said Saturdays bad I'm off Sunday
I said Sunday I gotta got to the studio
I'll hook up with you Monday
she said damn honey Monday I'm a have my Son
and Tuesday I got an appointment at the salon to get my hair done
I said shucks it aint no thing
baby handle your biz
I ain't got no chil'ren but Mystikal love the kids
she said thats cool I'm free Wednesday where you live
I'll get my girlfriend to drop me off over there and thats what she did
but she pulled up with a fine ass friend
she said my girlfrien gotta go to the bathroom bad
I said go on in
but I'm go in there with ya
show you where
made that old girl stay down stairs
while we went upstairs
yall know damn well the bitch freind been sleepin' with me


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Mystikal (feat. O'Dell) "Sleepin' With Me" words of song

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