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Roots "Stay Cool"

Альбом: Tipping Point

[Black Thought]
Bass for your face, highs for your eyes
Don't blink, Black Ink has arrived, all rise
Rude boys keep that thing at your side, be alright
Muh'fuckers Philly we up in here, we all live
I'm puffin this Cohiba mami coolin her heels
All she ever seem to do is play it cool f'real
She be pushin, Pop's vessel, and his shoe's is ill
But her hand, keep slippin on the woodgrain wheel
But it's cool, we never slippin when it's moves to make
Especially when what we talkin ain't ya usual case
I pump bass for y'all bathin apes, to get charged
Nah, I'm not a dealer, I'm a poet at large
We in the wind with the roof back, lettin the breeze hit us
The bathrobe on with sweatpants and slippers
Comin to pay a visit to whoever on the hitlist
Some of y'all been tryin for years, you'll never get this fool

Check it out (stay cool) stay cool daddy (stay cool)
Stay cool ma (hey, hey) c'mon
(Stay cool motherfuckers y'all know the rules)
(Hey, stay cool.. stay cool)
There it is (Yeah hah hah, stay coooool)

[Black Thought]
Hip-Hop my main bitch, I got a few on the side
The game stitched yo I'm doin my job
Go up against enormous odds
Wouldn't break a sweat, money make a bet
Funny son you threat, well I ain't shakin yet
Twenty-fo'/sev' chillin, tougher than penicillin
From the block where the crooked cops killin like a villain
Children, in the hood gettin rocked by they buildings
And brothers, 'cross the board gettin knocked by the millions
The stress, got me ignitin the potent marijuana leaf
Tryin to play it cooler than a polar bear colony
You feel the music know I'm over there probably
Pimpin on the same system that forever shorted me
I got the soul of a young Sam Cook when I spit
It make you wanna make a new dance up
It's all to the good shorty 'gwan do that stuff
It's not another sound system rockin steady as us
And it's cool

(Stay cool) yeah (stay cool) stay cool ha
(Hey, hey) check it out, and just
(Stay cool motherfuckers y'all know the rules) yeah
(Hey, stay cool.. stay cool)
(Yeah hah hah, stay coooool)

[Black Thought]
Yeah, when I'm crusin in my vehicle, the Jakes harass me
They never ride past me, they really comin at me right
They wanna know where the drugs guns and cash be
Probably wanna get me to run, so they can blast me
Just, blast me in your box, play my shit
I know it's crowded at the top, cause I'm on the tip
And that's as high up at the top, as a brother could get
And how I do it make a lot of muh'fuckers upset
But it's fine, Riq Jizzle I'm back for mine
In case y'all gettin tired of the same ol' shine
And I'm calm, calculated and perfectly aligned
The way I'm operatin what is it? surgery in rhyme
It's not a thang when I lower the gradient lens frames
I'm cooler than Clyde Stubblefield, drummer for James
Hip-Hop is out of Hustleville, comin for change
I exercise 'til a muscle build, breakin the chains
And It's cool

(Stay cool) (stay cool) (hey, hey)
(Stay cool motherfuckers y'all know the rules)
(Hey, stay cool.. stay cool)
(Yeah hah hah, stay coooool)

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