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Trina (feat. Eve) "Ladies 1st"

Альбом: Diamond Princess

Hey yo, Ms. Trina rock the party
Hey yo, E-V-E rock the party
Hey yo, get on up, shake your body
Ain't no quitting, when the ladies come to spit
Hey yo, Ms. Trina rock the party
Hey yo, E-V-E rock the party
Hey yo, get on up shake your body
And ain't no stopping when the ladies come to rock it

I steal the baddest drink then the best fabrics
Leathers and the CZ's and the S-classes
Ghetto angel, wrists glist' like the rainbow
Yellows, reds and blues watch the ice dangle
Colorful things, full beams, no illusions
VVS clean gleam, no inclusions
Glamorous with the gangsta twist
Gucci on the hip, butta Lucci on the wrists
And we off glass, we glistenin', you listenin
I got that new shit like William holla
You thinking I'm a dime, but I'm a silver dollar
Ice 'round my collar, the Diamond Princess (that's right)
It's a lot of big money in my sentence
Marble walls, Formica floors
Shoes by Jimmy Chu's and Michael Core's
Fuck Thelma and Louise, it's Trina and Eve (uh, yeah)


I'm not a regular bitch, I don't do regular shit, dawg
You see me on TV
You knew that I spit, know these niggas I'm with
Game ain't change me that much, discovered incline
Discovered that it tight in my butt
But really, other than that, hate these frivolous chats
Do I, cook or clean, daddy? I hire for that
Need a housewife, that ain't Eve
My business come first
I think you'll understand
After you listen to this one verse
Always been a bitch about mine
And fuck with winners
Me and Trin' top of the line, nigga listen
Keep these chicks praying we stop
It never happen
Sitting back, wishing that they never started rappin'
Too late, hurting 'em hard, what you wanna do
Stop what, fuck out the way
Watch how we come through
I'm living too good, fuck you suckers
I'm in the club, at the bar, sippin Blue Motherfuckers, uh


You see can't too many hoes, come after me
I have to be in the Jacob or the masterpiece
It take cash to speak, I never had to lease
Between me and the girls
We need at least half the fleet
My man money gotta be, longer than his dick
But look long as you want
Who stronger than this clique?
From one minute, two minutes, I'm in it
The G-5, me and Eve so come wit it


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Trina (feat. Eve) "Ladies 1st" words of song

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