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Xzibit "Muthafucka"

Альбом: Weapons of Mass Destruction

Keep on actin like it ain't gon' happen 'til it happen
when it happen gon' you wish it never did - MOTHERFUCKER

Hey baby sexy lady, you make them pants look crazy
I know you're schemin have you leavin screamin fuck you pay me
L.A. got tons of dameys, that's quick to have that baby
and try to squeeze you for every penny that you thought of makin
These streets is fuckin vicious, can't make the wrong decisions
They have you shot up and shot up caught up behind some bitches
Handle yo' business homey, cause ain't no homies in business
So many people in this business be so fuckin phony
I see right through them traps, these niggaz run they yaps
But when it really crack them pussy niggaz runnin laps
I clap 'em in they tracks, my paper come in stacks
and stacks of rubberbands thicker than a paperback
Just let the Henny flow, go where you wanna go
My party heavyset ready set baby here we go
It's not a fuckin game, you know my fuckin name
I'm #1 with a motherfuckin bullet MAYNE


My soldiers come with missiles, gauges grenades and pistols
Bitch you're all in front of the paper dyin to press the issue
My soldiers gettin at you, full clip is spittin at you
You duck and stuck in position just like a fuckin statue
Nigga I'm quarterbackin, we got it fully crackin
and poppin and showin no signs of stoppin with options
Fuck the industry (YEAH) derive energy from Hennessy
Literally I smoke like a chimney
(You know we got them Hummers tight) we got them #'s right
They wanna catch you, get naked, beggin to spend the night
Here go some good advice - come through steppin light
Believe me, extremely easy to lose your life
Get 'em up and keep 'em up (X) they tryin to get me touched
If you gon' swang it, nigga brang it, I don't give a fuck (yeah)
Fin' to make this party jump (yeah) fin' to make this party bounce (YEAH!)
So take your shoes off 'fore you step yo' ass in my house


(Bitch we keep it crackin right) we bring it back to life
Biohazard motherfuckers that's spreadin like a parasite
We ain't the talkin type (nah) you get the target sight
Lee Boyd Malvo, can't stop me now no!
(Get yo' fuckin paper up) we had to snatch it up
Full metal jacket stay clack clackin to back 'em up
Don't even think about, you get your shit rerouted
Straw for your food, have you pissin through a plastic tube (AHH)
I know you fuckin hate it, we stay inebriated (yeah)
Break out the Hennessy bottle baby and regulate it
It's not a fuckin game, you know my fuckin name
I'm #1 with a motherfuckin bullet mayne





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