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8Ball & MJG (feat. P. Diddy) "Baby Girl"

Альбом: Living Legends

[Chorus: 8 Ball - repeat 2X]
What it do baby girl
Get on the dance floor
Will you put your drink down
Come and dance with me

[Verse 1: MJG]
Let's hit my residence, baby it's evident
That you been raising hell, I make it heaven sent
M-J take you to places that you never went
One room one night for every day spent
Knocking a dent in the sheetrock she's hot
Got them legs fanned open like a peacock
I saw her dancing in the club with her new outfit
Her hair and her nails did show me love
Ya man say he got good green show me some bud
Give me the real hook up price like I'm ya cuz
Baby see I'm above the bullshit and the playing
Them hoes you listening to don't know what they saying
They relaying that he say she say language
If that's the way we trying to swing it won't swang it
M-J fucking G I ain't really new to this shit
Just wanna add something new to the list


[Verse 2: 8 Ball]
Money make the world go round that's what they say
Conversation rules the nation in every way
My mind thinking shit and I say it before I know
I'm at the condo busting condoms on the floor
We keep the crunk hyper than any who use a mic
We do the kinda music the pretty women gone like
A sweet smell you know with perfect nails and toes
A round cinibun head under them clothes
I know you wanna go and smoke out
Stay up all night and go eat at the Waffle House
You and me bring your friend that make three
I bet I can make you feel so sexy
Let the drank flow and burn the best dro
Put ya drank down and go hit the dancefloor
Make a nigga wanna get withcha and spend dough
Love what you do to me mami I wanna know


[Verse 3: 8 Ball]
My yak spilling full of that hay I'm feeling right
Spend the night with me let's wake up and take a flight

She'll suck a nigga dick for the flight but don't bite
We gone keep it on the low no gossip and no hype

[8 Ball]
My rubber on tight on the jet on the runway
Leave Monday don't come home to Sunday

We dip Tuesday be back in town by Wednesday
Break a girl off that chain like Cunta Kintae

[8 Ball]
So will you dip with me baby girl
On a trip around the world while I play with your curls

Play with your titty nipples will that make your toes curl
You a bad motherfucker baby its your world

[8 Ball]
I know I'm coming on strong but that's me
Whatever you want I can do it correctly

So get ya mind right baby you Tina and I'm Ike
Bring that ass over here dance with Ike or we gone fight


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8Ball & MJG (feat. P. Diddy) "Baby Girl" lyrics for a song

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