Lyfe Jennings "I Can't"

: Lyfe 268-192

1st Verse:

First things first, baby I apologize for all of the lies that Ive told you up to now
I promise Ill
Change my ways if you stay
In my heart, in my mind, in my world
Cause youre the only girl for me
So if youre thinkin bout walkin out
Lets talk it out and work it out now
No sense in tearing down
this love we feel
Cause its oh so real


You being with no one else
Baby I
Cant even stand
thinking bout you touching another man(2x)

2nd Verse:

What must I do for you to show you that I mean what I say
Lord I pray
we can stay together
But it dont matter
If you stay or if you leave
Cause in my heart you will always be
Youre the only girl for me
Even in high school
you were so cool
what a pleasure just to know you girl
Theres nothing in the world
I wont do
for you

Chorus (3x)


See I
Dont wanna lose this love we have
No no no
See I
Dont wanna say bye-bye cause its hard enough to find love at all
Im willing to fight for you
Theres nothing
Wont do
To make you stay
I dont wanna lose your love

. : Lyfe Jennings "Interlude"

Lyfe Jennings

Lyfe Jennings "I Can't" song and lyrics





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