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Cappadonna (feat. Crunch Lo, Lounge Mode, Remedy) "Money, Cash, Flows"

Альбом: Struggle

[Intro: Lounge Mode]
Walk with us... Code:Red, speak up

[Lounge Mode]
I'mma set it from the front of the door and let it be known
That I'm, settin' it straight and I'm comin' back home
Cuz I told ya'll, the tank top hustle a lot
But I'm a little dude and I still muscle the block

[Crunch Lo]
Aiyo, we comin' for the blocks, the aves and the streets
The team stay on the grind cuz the fam gotta eat
Dimes get bagged and sealed like it was work
And ain't nothin' safe get ya teflon shirt

Street life, drugs shit, money comes in bundles
Thug shit, and terratorial rumbles
Guns and in vintage, Don sweaters
We love phat whips, exotic bitches, new Code:Red leathers

Aiyo, my hood hate theyself
The bitches love Don', cuz they mate theyself
And niggaz can't snake me, so they snake theyself
And they just pussy to me, they rape theyself and they take theyself

[Chorus 4X: all w/ variouos ad-libs]
Money, cash, flows and bitches!

[Crunch Lo]
Aiyo, it's busy on the strip and they ain't too much rule
So how many M.C.'s must I consume?
Open up a nigga like a pussy womb
So nigga, call ya orangutang Goons and baboons

Who the fuck are you? That'll crew with me and two
Maybe more, can't come, fuck, kick down your door, son
You can have beef and not know it
Some gas in a bottle with a rag, then light it and throw it

We love, grindin' the honies and makin' the moneys
Toss it up, lovely, breakin' the twenties
And broke crews for a rap song, bakin' the sunnies
Lay back lovely, shakin' the bunnies

[Lounge Mode]
It's the reason why they put me here, to blast off
Cuz the rap game suck and I'm ready to crash course
With an O-1 'Rari, smoked and tinted
Who you know that shoot best when he's smoked and bented?

[Chorus 4X]

Yo, I'll jump in my whip, yo and run you over
Pass the weed and the Dutch to the ciga-r roller
From the Stat', with the shoulder strap holder
Fuck Beans, fuck Free, fuck The Roc and Hova

[Lounge Mode]
Fuck the cops and The Roc, I'mma do whatever
I come through rock a little wear, shoot who ever
It's a Struggle, that's why I told ya'll I bubble
Buck a thing, bust a thing, if you see I'm in trouble

[Crunch Lo]
Aiyo, I spit like a baby, a dog with the rabbies
Bowlin' hot gravy, get spilled we too ill
With the pill, emphatic slam
Crunch to the Lo, to the rap, from the Stat's who I am

Code:Red Entertainment
I'm not just a client, I'm also acquinted
Real respect real and it's all non-tainted
Handcuffed in the courtroom, bitin' the plaintiff
Run from the arraignment

[Chorus 4X]

[Outro: Lounge Mode]
Yeah, man, aiyo Slash
You tell Jay, right, that we gon' get this joint poppin' right
Lo gon' come with us in a minute, call Shockey up
And then we gon' rock it out, knawhatimean?
So, just in case, you got bucked, you make sure he got that thing
And we gon' move, let's go baby, right here, move..

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текст Cappadonna (feat. Crunch Lo, Lounge Mode, Remedy) "Money, Cash, Flows"

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