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Cuban Link (feat. Avant) "Comin' Home With Me"

Альбом: Chain Reaction

[Cuban Link]
oh no it cuban and them(4x)

up in the club with my jewelry
and soon to be up by the bar,______
shorty's looking sexy, yes indeed
she's comin' home with me

[Cuban Link]
me and thugs up in the club like what, and we doing it baby
popping bud, gettin nough groupie love from the ladies
they must of knew who we was cuz we pulled up in the 'cedes
princess cuts lookin nuts, custom jewelry is crazy
it's Cuban & AV, rollin like them dudes in the navy
keep my tool off of safety case some foll try to play me
we the turth, 100 proof, plus we smoother than Baileys
Recruitin the ladies, got them haters droolin with rabies
maybe it's the way I be putting it down, Cuban's in town
lookin around, for a shorty good enough to crown
spotted mami, she's a hotty, looking good in that gown
at the party pitchin game like Gooden on the mound
sugar brown, so astounding , what a sight to see
got all the other clowns hounding, but she likes my sty'
she knows who I be, so she don't need to see ID
Just come with me ma, show you bout that V.I.P.

[Chorus: Avant]
up in the club with my jewelry
and soon to be up by the bar cuz its easy, now come with me
shorty's looking sexy, yes indeed
she's comin' home with me
I wanna try to make you mine (wine & dine)
so baby, let me read your mind (she's a dime)
lookin at that ass from behind
She comin home with, she's comin home with me

[Cuban Link]
now I been peeping your style, from deep in the crown
you look like you haven't been out, and freaked in a while
so let's go, creep to my house, I sweeten your smile
but if you seeking for the clout you need to see your way out
but no doubt, I'm bout it bout it, you wit it-be proud to shout it
it's on, don't try to fight it, your body cant no longer hide it
come on, jump on and ride it, this song's got you excited
I'm known for getting rowdy, we gone off that bacardi
but no- we gon' party and get freaky tonight
do what you like, shake that body mami, reach a new height
I know you probably got a man but he ain't treatin' you right
cuz if he was- you wouldn't be here tonight, I know your type-
you like excitement, sex with all the passion of fightin
scratchin and bitin like a match against tyson
action-packed like the Clash of the Titans, what I'm packin if frightnin
have that ass flashin faster than lightnin, come on


[Cuban Link]
me and my crew up in the club, and it's ladies night
drinking, smoking on that bud, and we gettin right
shorty pulled up to the bar, and she just my type
she don't know it but-she's comin' home with me
now I could tell that she likes the player type
kind of player that could hold her down and lay the pipe
all it took was one look for her to say alright, game is tight
shorty's comin' home, she's comin' home with me
she wann party with me
show off her body to me
Drink that Bacardi, smoke that Bob Marley
shorty's comin' home with me

[Chorus] - 2X

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Cuban Link (feat. Avant) "Comin' Home With Me" song lyrics free

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