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Cuban Link "Letter To Pun"

Альбом: Chain Reaction

What up twin ...
Im just sittin' back man
Thinkin' bout all the
good times we had
It's a lot of things been goin on
since you been gone
I just thought it
was time for me
to sit down and write you a letter
Nahm' sayin, a letter from the heart
I miss you

Before I take a shot
I always make a toast to the sky
Blow some smoke in the air,
so we both can get high
At night I hold my roseries tight
And hope to get by
Close my eyes and ask the lord
Why he chose you to die
Though I believe in god
I chose my own road
cuz of pride
I dont apply to no bible
cuz most of them lie
Lifes like a roller coaster ride
Just try to hold on and drive
Its all about surviving,
one day we all gon die
I try to hide all these
feelings i was holdin inside
Cuz they always told me
thugs aint suppose to cry
And show their emotional side
But theres soak in my eyes
Cuz I never had nobody
really close to me die
Couldnt understand it at first
Yo how did this work?
You was just here full of cheer
Now im followin your hearse
Since out of this earth
I felt like I was damned with a curse
Had to light a candle at church
To handle the hurt
And retrospect
I always respect the man
that you were
A man of your word
That always put his family first
With talent superb
All you wanted was to be heard
And you got your chance
All your fans are proud of your work
You made it out the dirt
And got on top of the world
But u still stood in the hood
With your son
and two little girls
You in iced out chains
Your wife is rockin them pearls
You lived the ghetto fabolous life
The bronx is your borough
And when the fame came
You never changed
You kept it so thorol
We did the same thing
Poppin champaigne
till we hurled
You shocked the world twin
Every time you rapped on a track
You had cats like
'how dis fat duke
could flow like that ?
Is he black ?
Is he packin a mac
In the back'ada' act ?'
The only spanish rapper
To snatch up a platinum plaque
Thats a fact
Its been written in stones
From here to Rome
When it comes to spittin in poems
You sit on the throne
I wish u was home
Life is so different alone
Spoke to Liza [1] and the kids
Lil' Chris is so grown
Hes your own spittin image
Its like u was cloned
You kno I treasure Amanda and
Sha-sha like they were my own
Liza still tryin
to get it together
She had yo back thru
this stormy weather
For that i'll never forget her
Times are tougher than leather
As for me, things could be better
Needed to clear up my head up
Thats why I had to
write you this letter
Since u been gon Joe's [2]
been stronger than ever
Still with Lorena
How can he go to bed
Knowing he stealin
your cheddar
About a mil or better
To me
he just real as pleather [3]
We built this together
Still and all,
he had me set up [4]
I shoulda' known better
I let it ride for too long
Let it slide for too long
Let it hide for too long
Now im tryin to move on
Without trying to do wrong
But my pride is too strong
Ima ride through the storm
With a hundred troops strong
The bullet proofs on
Glocks cocked and locked
And ready to shoot for him
Im just tryin to put you on twin
To whats been goin on
A lot of backstabbin
since u been gone
A lot of wack rappin
comin from the so-called don
A lot of black ballin happenin [5]
No matter twin,
im still goin strong
Tony [6] still singin songs
Tryin to swing it along
Hes no longer 'Foundation'
Sayin Joe put him on
Hes dead wrong
Armageddon still aint on
Prospect [8] back in the
projects living with moms
Words bond,
Remys' [9] da realest
She know what da deal is
Feelin like theres still chance
Wishing u can come and heal us
But the thrill is gone
Im no longer part of that
Im back where I started at
Thats where my heart is at
Cuz god knows
how hard I scrap
He tried to keep
her from this
I been a team player
He chose to play
at his own risk
Sunkiss [10]
still come around
We still get down
We puff a pound
Whenever Chuck and C
come in to town
Tomb is illin
Hes down in orlando makin a killing
Buildin his own army
With soldiers ready and willin
Me and Seis [11] still be chillin
Hes fine as well
Still rhymin, still grindin
Only time will tell [12]
Gilly [13] stressed out
Tryin to figure out his next route
Feelin left out
No more T.S.
He checked out
X'ed out his tattoos
but he still got you
Bee still with me
Full-a-clips [14]
our old school crew
He stayed true
Always been the
coolest nigga we knew
Boobi's up in them videos
With you know who
You was the glue
to the puzzle
The key to this struggle
The reason why I even chose
to be in this hustle
Twin I love you
No matter what or who tries to judge you
Theres nothing worse than family
and friends tryin to *fuck* you
I stuck through it all
And this is what it all led up to
Its the closest ones to you
That'll stick it in and cut you
So much for being humble
Im comin through with the shovels
Tombstones and all
And turn them hard rocks to ruble
On the double
So you could be at peace
with your troubles
Cuz even after death you stressed
from all these scuffles
Guzzled the liqour
Snuffin walls
Till theres blood on my knuckles
Watchin the devil chuckle
Hopin I break down
and buckle
In this jungle its all about
survival of the fittest
Though you died
You never bid us twin
You still alive in spirit
I can feel it
I know you up in heaven right now
Hangin out in thugs mansionz
You and Pac wildin out
Livin the kings lifestyle
With platinum wings iced out
Bet you and Biggie
In the angels lounge
poppin Crystals [15]
Getting high with Freaky Tah [16]
Lighting up white owls
Thuggin it out with Big L [17]
Rolling dice on the clouds
Aaliyah [18] smilin down,
Lefteye [19] is still type wild
Bugging out
Everybodys up in the house
You kickin freestyles while
Master J [20] hypes' up the crowd
Aint no fights
breaking out
Its all love right now
Im just writin down
how I feel
Hoping you hear me
Puttin my heart and soul in it
So you can see it all clearly
I hold you dearly
in my thoughts
Cuz like you theres no other
Sincerley yours
Cuban Link
Your twin, your brother
Baby I love you ...

Still got your back twin
Your brothers here ...
You even got your own
day up in the bronx
We on top of the world ...
Yea, Ima ride with you baby
Ima always ride with you
Till the day I die ...
Thats my word ...

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