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Outlawz "If You Want 2"

Альбом: Outlaw 4 Life. 2005 A.P.

Side show spinnin'
All these hoes grinnin'
Lookin' at a nigga real good cause he winnin'
Ain't no hatin' up in here
We all winning
Skatin' on daytons and we takin' y'all women
Smokin' that perk til I loose my vision
Babygirl said she want a dose of the pimpin'
But not right now, it's some hataz around
Got they faced grilled up
Cause it's players in town
Shiet, I'm Outlaw'd out
Branded for Life
And naw, I ain't lookin' for no wife tonight
So you could sip some of this
Til you feelin' aight
And take one of these
And I'ma give you the pipe
We can do it all night
If that's whatcha like
When that sun comes up
I'm catchin a flight
I gotta get gone... get gone
I gotta get gone... get gone

We came over
If you want to (want to)
All of y'all can fit in my truck
If you want to (want to)
All yo friends can come
If they want to (want to)
And when we get to where we going
We gettin' it in
That's what we gon' do (gon' do)

Now you can front if you want to
Nigga just holla at his bitch
To see how many you can go through
Look at you -- you a player right?
Just met her, let me see you make her stay the night
Get on yo game
If you playin' it's one thing
If you cuffin' it's another
If you with us, you good
We all cousins and thug brother's
If my pa'tna tryna holla baby show 'em some love
Cause yo friend lookin' good
We can all have fun
For one night let's trade off
Lil' mama said she wanna be a Outlaw
She a soldier..
Look, you know I won't steer you wrong
Big hips, big tits, and her hair is long
Nice face, tight waist, and she love my song
Attitude just right, wasn't nuttin' at all
I'm a player, doing what the players do
Stayin' low, gettin' dough, straight twisting the glue


My nigga Focus on the beat
Got you up out ya seat
With us on this heat
We gettin' love in the streets
So holla at a player when you see me on the strip
(And if I don't holla back that mean my mind on my grip)
Cause it's a stone cold world
And life's a bitch
So if you wanna do my a favor
Shut up and strip
I got mo' dick then time
I won't play with cha' mind
(mad at a nigga, bitch get in line)

Lorddddd.... why you make this girl so fine?
Lorddddd.... why she won't get out of my mind?
Got the potential of a mistress
The lil' mama is bad
And I got God as my witness
Cause he created something beautiful
And I ain't even gonna tell you what I really wanna do to you
But you gon' find out sooner then later
What I don't do now I'ma do to you later
Girl... cause you don't really know what you in for
And naw I ain't new to this
My pipe game been Lawz
Therefore... too much you get addicted
One more... now I got you on a mission


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текст Outlawz "If You Want 2"

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