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Outlawz "Black Diamond"

Альбом: Neva Surrenda. The Rap-A-Lot Sessions

[ Young Noble ]
Thug children, it's just a little somethin for y'all
We won't front for y'all, I'ma be blunt with y'all
What you wanna be when you grow up?
I wanna be a Outlaw just so I can blow up
Damn skippy, one love to young thugs that ran with me as a young'n
Playin kick ball, hide and go seek or somethin
Right on the corner of New, yeah, I remember
So much fun as a kid, I ain't wanna go in to eat dinner
We need winners, little homie, stay in school
That machine in between your two ears is a tool
A precious jewel, like my two nieces
Shawniece and Kayla smile, make it all around Christmas
[Name] gettin bigger, [Name] gettin smarter
Think I'm gettin older, watch em like vultures
[Name] got my nephew on the way soon
Want to raise Khalil to be a man like you
Oh damn, and little Janet gettin big fast
But I'ma help [Name] point her down the right path
Times have changed, it all started with the kids
Ghetto children, let's live

[ Kastro ]
Please know this is true, nothing come before you
I couldn't afford jewels before I had you
Now I got one, and I named you Jewel
Daddy don't love much but I sho' love you
You my all, my heartbeat and my feet
And I don't sleep for weeks just so you can eat
And [Names]
And the precious Black Diamonds all alone on the streets
I live for y'all, y'all need me more more than I do
Don't let em lead you wrong, this is y'all song, y'all special
And y'all got my heart right where it need to be
I smile for you cause y'all the destiny

Outlawz love the kids

[ EDI ]
Listen, Malik and Milan
From deep within me, you shine
I know you deserve more of my time
But I'm out here on this grind
Tryin to make a life better for you
Cause money makes the world go round and that's gon' forever stay true
Still when I'm with you it seems like time movin slower
Cause God gave me a chance to give you game 'fore you grow up
Daddy's little soldier, I been born again twice
The strength that I need to go on with this life
Now as I sing this song for you, I'm here to let you know
The world belongs to you, go 'head and get that dough
And let no man stop ya, protect your sister and your mama
And when times get hard, remember, you got your father
My Black Diamond

Black Diamonds
This goes out to all the black children of the world
All the precious black children
From the Outlawz
We love you
I wanna send a special shout-out to [Name] kids, all 7 of em
The Black Diamonds
Black Diamonds

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Outlawz "Black Diamond" lyrics for a song

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