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Timbaland (feat. Jay-Z) "Lobster & Scrimp"
Timbaland (feat. Bassey) "I Get It On"
Timbaland (feat. Mad Skillz, Nas) "To My"
Timbaland (feat. Magoo, Missy Elliott) "Here We Come"
Timbaland (feat. Mad Skillz) "Wit' Yo' Bad Self"
Timbaland (feat. Babe Blue , Mocha) "What Cha Know About This"
Timbaland (feat. 1 Life 2 Live, Lil' Man) "Can't Nobody"
Timbaland (feat. Magoo, Lil' Man, Static) "What Cha Talkin' About"
Timbaland (feat. Static, Yoshamine) "Put 'Em On"
Timbaland (feat. Ludacris) "Fat Rabbit"
Timbaland (feat. Twista) "Who Am I"
Timbaland (feat. Kelly Price, Missy Elliott) "Talking on the Phone"
Timbaland (feat. Ginuwine) "Keep it Real"
Timbaland (feat. Aaliyah, Missy Elliott) "John Blaze"
Timbaland (feat. Playa) "Birthday"
Timbaland (feat. Missy Elliott) "3:30 in the Morning"
Timbaland (feat. Troy Mitchell) "Bringin' It"

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Aaliyah (feat. Timbaland) "Are You Feeling Me?"
Bubba Sparxxx (feat. Timbaland) "Get Right"
Bubba Sparxxx (feat. Timbaland) "Lovely"
Bubba Sparxxx (feat. Timbaland) "Twerk a Little"
Bubba Sparxxx (feat. Timbaland) "Ugly"
Bubba Sparxxx (feat. Justin Timberlake, Timbaland) "Hootnanny"
Destiny's Child (feat. Timbaland) "Where'd You Go"
Fabolous (feat. Timbaland) "Right Now & Later On"
Fat Joe (feat. Timbaland) "Everybody Get Up"
Game (feat. Timbaland) "Put You On The Game"
Jay-Z (feat. Timbaland) "2 Many Hoes"
Jay-Z (feat. Amil, Memphis Bleek, Timbaland) "Hey Papi"
Justin Timberlake (feat. Timbaland) "Good Foot"
Keri Hilson (feat. Timbaland) "Return The Favor"
Knoc-Turn'al (feat. Timbaland) "Have Fun"
LL Cool J (feat. Timbaland) "Rub My Back"
LL Cool J (feat. Timbaland) "Apple Cobbler"
LL Cool J (feat. Timbaland) "Headsprung"
Ludacris (feat. Timbaland) "Phat Rabbit"
Missy Elliott (feat. Timbaland) "Pass Da Blunt"
Missy Elliott (feat. Timbaland) "Scream AKA Itchin'"
Missy Elliott (feat. Timbaland) "Whatcha Gon' Do"
Missy Elliott (feat. Timbaland) "Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)"
Missy Elliott (feat. Timbaland) "They Don't Wanna Fuck Wit Me"
Nas (feat. Aaliyah, Timbaland) "You Won't See Me Tonight"
Obie Trice (feat. Timbaland) "Bad Bitch"
Usher (feat. Timbaland) "You Make Me Wanna (Extended Version)"
Xzibit (feat. Timbaland) "Hey Now (Mean Muggin)"

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