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Mase "Welcome Back"
Mase (feat. P. Diddy) "Breathe, Stretch, Shake"
Mase (feat. Total) "Stay Out of My Way"
Mase (feat. Blackstreet) "Get Ready"
Mase "Make Me Cry"
Mase "Same Niggas"
Mase "No Matter What"
Mase "If You Want To Party"
Mase (feat. P. Diddy) "Do it Again"
Mase "Another Story to Tell"
Mase "Blood is Thicker"
Mase "You Ain't Smart"
Mase (feat. Mysonne) "Fuck Me, Fuck You"
Mase (feat. Cheri Dennis) "All I Ever Wanted"
Mase (feat. Harlem World, Mysonne, Shyne) "From Scratch"
Mase (feat. Funkmaster Flex) "Gettin' It"
Mase (feat. Puff Daddy) "Puff's Intro"
Mase (feat. Puff Daddy) "Do You Wanna Get $?"
Mase (feat. DMX) "Take What's Yours"
Mase "Mad Rapper (Interlude)"
Mase (feat. Lil' Kim, Puff Daddy) "Will They Die 4 You?"
Mase (feat. Puff Daddy) "Lookin' At Me"
Mase "White Girl (Interlude)"
Mase (feat. Billy Lawrence) "Love U So"
Mase (feat. 8ball & MJG) "Player Way"
Mase "Hater (Interlude)"
Mase (feat. Busta Rhymes) "Niggaz Wanna Act"
Mase "Feel So Good"
Mase (feat. Total) "What You Want"
Mase "Phone Conversation (Interlude)"
Mase (feat. Jay-Z, Lil' Cease) "Cheat On You"
Mase (feat. Black Rob, DMX, The Lox, Puff Daddy) "24 Hours To Live"
Mase (feat. Monifah) "I Need To Be"
Mase "Watch Your Back (Interlude)"
Mase "Wanna Hurt Mase?"
Mase (feat. 112, Puff Daddy) "Jealous Guy"
Mase "Keep It On"
Mase "My Harlem Lullaby"
Mase "Wasting My Time"
Mase "Gotta Survive"
Mase "Love You Need"
Mase "Money Comes And Goes"
Mase "I Wanna Go"
Mase "Into What You Say"
Mase (feat. Cardan) "Do You Remember"

—овместные работы

Brian McKnight (feat. Mase) "You Should Be Mine"
Busta Rhymes (feat. Mase, P. Diddy, Rampage) "The Body Rock"
DMX (feat. The LOX, Mase) "Niggaz Done Started Something"
Nelly (feat. Avery Storm & Mase) "In My Life"
Notorious B.I.G. (feat. Kelly Price, Mase, Puff Daddy) "Mo Money Mo Problems"
P. Diddy (feat. Kelly Price, Mase) "I'll Do This for You"
P. Diddy (feat. Mase, Notorious B.I.G.) "Been Around the World"
P. Diddy (feat. Mase) "Can't Nobody Hold Me Down"

Mase lyrics

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