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R'n'B тексты песен


Common "Soul Power"
Common "Aquarius"
Common (feat. Sonny (P.O.D.)) "Electric Wire Hustler Flower"
Common (feat. Dart Chillz, Omar) "The Hustle"
Common (feat. Mary J. Blige) "Come Close"
Common (feat. Laetitia Sadier) "New Wave"
Common "Star *69 (Ps With Love)"
Common "I Got A Right To"
Common (feat. Cee-Lo) "Between Me, You & Liberation"
Common (feat. Jill Scott) "I Am Music"
Common (feat. Vinia Mojica) "Time Travelin' (A Tribute To Fela)"
Common (feat. Jay Dee) "Heat"
Common "Cold Blooded"
Common "Dooinit"
Common "Light"
Common (feat. Bilal, Jill Scott) "Funky For You"
Common (feat. Mos Def) "Questions"
Common "6th Sense"
Common (feat. Bilal, MC Lyte) "Film Called (Pimp)"
Common (feat. Bilal) "Nag Champa (Afrodisiac for the World)"
Common (feat. Slum Village) "Thelonius"
Common "Payback Is A Grandmother"
Common (feat. D'Angelo) "Geto Heaven, Pt. 2"
Common (feat. Cee-Lo) "A Song For Assata"
Common "Pops Rap III... All My Children"
Common "Be (Intro)"
Common (feat. Kanye West, The Last Poets) "The Corner"
Common (feat. Kanye West, John Mayer) "Go!"
Common (feat. Bilal, John Legend) "Faithful"
Common "Testify"
Common "Love Is..."
Common (feat. Kanye West) "Chi-City"
Common (feat. Kanye West) "The Food"
Common "Real People"
Common (feat. John Legend, Kanye West) "They Say"
Common (feat. 'POPS') "It's Your World"

—овместные работы

De La Soul (feat. Common) "Days Of Our Lives"
Erykah Badu (feat. Common) "Love Of My Life (An Ode To Hip-Hop)"
Jamie Foxx (feat. Common) "U Still Got It"
Kanye West (feat. Common, Talib Kweli) "Get Em High"
Kanye West (feat. Common) "My Way Home"
Mya (feat. Common) "Real Compared to What"
Roots (feat. Common) "Universe At War"
Roots (feat. Common) "Act Too... The Love Of My Life"
Talib Kweli (feat. Common, Anthony Hamilton) "Ghetto Show"

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