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R'n'B тексты песен


KRS-One "Attendance"
KRS-One "Hot"
KRS-One "MC's Act Like They Don't Know"
KRS-One (feat. Hezekiah Walker Choir) "The Raptism"
KRS-One "1st Quarter - The Commentary"
KRS-One "2nd Quarter - Free Throws"
KRS-One "The MC"
KRS-One "I Got Next - Neva Hadda Gun"
KRS-One (feat. Angie Martinez, Redman) "Heartbeat"
KRS-One "Step Into A World (Rapture's Delight)"
KRS-One "A Friend"
KRS-One (feat. Redman) "Blowe"
KRS-One "Halftime"
KRS-One "3rd Quarter - The Commentary"
KRS-One (feat. Thor-El) "H.I.P.H.O.P."
KRS-One "Rappaz R. N. Dainja"
KRS-One (feat. Fat Joe) "De Automatic"
KRS-One (feat. Joe) "Come to Da Party"
KRS-One "Can't Stop, Wont Stop"
KRS-One "Over Ya Head"
KRS-One "Just to Prove a Point"
KRS-One "4th Quarter - Free Throws"
KRS-One "Step Into A World (Remix)"
KRS-One (feat. Mic Vandalz) "Real Hip-Hop Part II"
KRS-One "Ah-Yeah"
KRS-One "R.E.A.L.I.T.Y."
KRS-One (feat. Channel Live) "Free Mumia"
KRS-One "Hold"
KRS-One "Wannabemceez"
KRS-One (feat. Das EFX) "Represent the Real Hip Hop"
KRS-One "The Truth"
KRS-One "Build Ya Skills"
KRS-One "Out for Fame"
KRS-One "Squash All Beef"
KRS-One "Health, Wealth, Self"
KRS-One "Ghetto Lifestyles"
KRS-One "Why"
KRS-One "Doth Thou Know"
KRS-One (feat. April S. Williams) "The Lessin"
KRS-One "The Mind"
KRS-One "What Kinda World"
KRS-One (feat. Hezekiah Walker Choir) "I Will Make It"
KRS-One "Take Your Tyme"
KRS-One "Hip Hop Knowledge"
KRS-One "Lord Live Within My Heart"
KRS-One "Krush Them"
KRS-One (feat. Nyce) "Hush"
KRS-One (feat. April S. Williams) "The Sneak Attack"
KRS-One "Shutupayouface"
KRS-One "False Pride"
KRS-One "Get Yourself Up"
KRS-One (feat. Professor Ecks) "Take it to God"
KRS-One "Good Bye"
KRS-One "South Bronx 2002"
KRS-One "Never Give Up"
KRS-One "Tears"
KRS-One "Conscious Rapper"
KRS-One "Trust"
KRS-One "Ain't Ready"
KRS-One "Know Thy Self"
KRS-One (feat. G. Simone) "G. Simone Speaks"
KRS-One "Are You Ready For This?"
KRS-One "Illegal Business (Remix 2004)"
KRS-One "You Gon Go?"
KRS-One "Phucked"
KRS-One (feat. L Da Headtoucha) "Everybody Rise"
KRS-One (feat. Joe) "Stop Skeemin'"
KRS-One "And Then Again"
KRS-One "Me Man"
KRS-One (feat. NYCE) "Feel This"
KRS-One "I Been There"
KRS-One (feat. Mad Lion) "The I"
KRS-One "Do You Got It"
KRS-One "Ya Feel Dat"
KRS-One "Underground"
KRS-One (feat. Peedo) "How Bad Do You Want It"
KRS-One "Ain't The Same"
KRS-One "It's All A Struggle"
KRS-One "What Else Happened"
KRS-One "Somebody"
KRS-One (feat. Tekitha + more) "Survivin'"
KRS-One "Things Will Change"
KRS-One "The Movement"
KRS-One "Gunnen' Em Down"
KRS-One "Philosophical"
KRS-One "9 Elements"
KRS-One "Alright With Me"
KRS-One "The Only One"

—овместные работы

Fat Joe (feat. KRS-One) "Bronx Tale"
Kurupt (feat. KRS-One) "Live On The Mic"
Public Enemy (feat. KRS-One) "Unstoppable"
Xzibit (feat. KRS-One) "Kenny Parker Show 2001"

KRS-One words to songs

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