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Z-Ro "Crooked Officer"
Z-Ro (feat. Trae) "Everyday"
Z-Ro "Hey Lil Mama"
Z-Ro "I Hate U Bitch"
Z-Ro "II Many Niggaz"
Z-Ro "King Of The Ghetto"
Z-Ro "On My Grind"
Z-Ro "So Much"
Z-Ro (feat. Scarface) "These Niggaz"
Z-Ro "That'z Who I Am"
Z-Ro (feat. Tanya Herron) "Why?"
Z-Ro "Z-Ro"
Z-Ro (feat. Lil Head) "Ain't Havin None Of That Bullshit"
Z-Ro (feat. Cl'Che) "Creepin'"
Z-Ro (feat. Daz, Thug Dirt, Papa Reu) "Go To War"
Z-Ro (feat. Daz) "Jus' A Hoe"
Z-Ro (feat. O-N-E, Mr. Drastic) "Keep Runnin"
Z-Ro "Party"
Z-Ro (feat. Mr. Drastic, Phenom) "Definition Of A Real Nigga"
Z-Ro "Shelter In The Storm"
Z-Ro (feat. Klondike Kat) "Stranger In The Midst"
Z-Ro (feat. Daz, Thug Dirt) "Time And Time Again"
Z-Ro (feat. Trae, Dougie D, Cl'Che) "Who Could it Be"
Z-Ro "Whats My Name"
Z-Ro "Look At Me"
Z-Ro "Mirror, Mirror On The Wall"
Z-Ro (feat. Billy Cook, DP) "All Night Long"
Z-Ro (feat. Big Mello, Lil' Flex) "Still Standing"
Z-Ro (feat. Lil' Keke) "Sunshine"
Z-Ro "How Does It Feel"
Z-Ro (feat. Black Mike, Pharoah) "Dirty Work"
Z-Ro "Still In The Hood"
Z-Ro "R.I.P."
Z-Ro (feat. Trae) "Hard Times"
Z-Ro (feat. Billy Cook) "Life Is Bitch"
Z-Ro "Shelter From Da Storm"
Z-Ro "Get Yo Paper"
Z-Ro (feat. Al-D) "Screw Did That"
Z-Ro (feat. Mexican D) "Make It"
Z-Ro "Will I Go Crazy"
Z-Ro (feat. H20, Mr. 3-2) "Life"
Z-Ro (feat. Cl'Che) "Life Is A Struggle And Pain"
Z-Ro "Talkin' Down On Me"
Z-Ro (feat. Cl'Che) "Change Of Scenery"
Z-Ro "Hatin' Me"
Z-Ro "It's Gonna Be Alright"
Z-Ro (feat. Cl'Che, Guerilla Maab, Tony Montana) "Lost Another Soldier"
Z-Ro "Let Me Live My Life"

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Scarface (feat. Z-Ro) "On My Grind"
Scarface (feat. Bun B, Z-Ro) "Bitch Nigga"

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