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Fabolous (feat. Black Ice) "Exodus"

Альбом: Real Talk

My young's get it fucked when ya talk about this game
like it's designed in their favor
Like it ain't outlined for them to waver their rights for a little fame
Get into bullshit fights for a little name to get
noticed by some niggaz that don't give two fucks about you
Till you make them a few bucks they doubt you
Tell them you don't do the jobs and shucks and they
route you to the shelf
See there is no money is good health
So they need you to be sick with it
Ill content and delivery niggaz
This nation thrives of misery nigga
So if you ain't trying to let you hard times increase my wealth
Nigga keep that progressive shit to yourself
This is the business of buying souls and we only fuck
with those who try to sell them
You see they may see me as an adversary cuz they know
i'm trying to tell them about the farest artist who
grow only to meet indutry acess
How they take a niggaz dreams and write them off in their taxes
Contracts is confusing
But don't worry they'll appoint the lawyer for you
Whore you
Loan you funds to fuck your soul and make you pay it all back
and still maintain control of stroll your track and your hot ass slow flow
They'll keep you looking good and all that
But no dough
You see when they get a bitch they got a bitch
Incontrary to popular opinion it ain't my sisters that
switch is my brothers we the dumb motherfuckers
Harderst niggaz in the street turn to industry suckers
cuz we refuse to do the knowledge
Nigga you can't learn this shit in the streets or in college
So you better pick up a book or something
Or fuckin Black Ice will put it in a hook or something
and hope that you listen to it
Got you pumpin that poison while they paint you them
illlusionary parades and keep pissing through it
You pussies don't know price or the sacrifice that
this industry makes real niggaz walk
F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S album number 3 Real Talk

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Fabolous (feat. Black Ice) "Exodus" song lyrics for free

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