Lloyd "Feelin You"

: Southside

I feel so cool babe
Hmm yeh

Said Im rolling down the Ave with a bunch of cash in my duffel bag
On they way to my ? path to pop a few tag and hide my stash
Feeling my ? put my foot on the gas moving fast trying not to crash
Damn sure hope this party blast so I can see shawty shake her ass
I see her posing on the corner with a red lollipop in her hand
Didnt notice but every man horns is blowing from every van
So I walked over and I told her I wanted to know if she can
Shake the chunk thats in the trunk
Shawty lets dance

Cause I love the way you walk
In them high heel shoes
And I love the way you talk
Girl Im feeling you
Aint no more I can take
Is how you move
And baby I cant wait till Im feeling you

Shawty the way I feel
She walks by me is incredible
Its what she must know I cant hold
Cause her back is unforgettable
Shes so
Off the chain
With that thang from a far
Aint no doubt shes a superstar
Girl I need to know who you are
The Club is jumping
Musics pumping
And its extra packed from wall to walls
Its not a lot of room to move it all
As we make out move to the ball
Shes truly raw
To the point where Im nothing but a jaw
And I truly naw
Cant feel shit like I was hit by a moving car yeh


So let my mind blown while she throwing in the back
Same way the DJ do with the track
If I breaking, and shaking, and making it clap
Going from my lap down to blown ?
She on the dance floor dont know how to act
Girl lets go home
I got crone on the lac
Your bad to the bone
Can I get with that oh
Im smoked out zoning
And she looking at me like she want me
Telling me to hurry come to jump ta boning
To the booty up
Shes tryna blown it
And I got enough room to be comfortable come spend the morning
Shawty your body is poking
Can I get a dose


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Lloyd "Feelin You"





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