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Jadakiss (feat. Styles) "Shoot Outs"

Альбом: Kiss of Death

Let's go
Feds in the precinct lookin at our picture
If rap don't work we gonna get it like Guy Fisher
I was taught to ride with them niggas thatl die with ya
Headed OT? Then bring some pies with ya
Buy your man a lambo and tell him to fly with ya
Or throw the nigga jewels and tell him to shine with ya
I shine
You shine
Like smith n wesson you don't wanna feel the ghost
Or the kiss of death n'
Tubs still lift up
So do the sink now
Pablo escobar shit
Buyin a clink now
Dead presidents shit
Robbin the Brinks now
100 shot tommy guns
Hell of a stink now

'Cause the P will hollow the gun to holla at son
Muah, im that nigga ya'll know that
Do it Holiday Style
Double R is Comin for War

On the average day we smoke about a quarter
And everythings is bad for a nigga nowadays
so we drink a lot of water
talk about you "so rich"
nigga you "so bitch"
that your parents probably think they got a daughter
yeah we them boys that bring all the terror
we persevered through all the errors
lay niggas down with all barettas
everything in the bag--chains, watches...
...all your leathers
So you can act funny with yourselves
I'm in the hood with dope
Sacks is filled twenty after twelve
A sign of the times kitchen cook 38, 38 treys
that remind you of dimes


Hustlers, entreprenaurs
Anything to do with the hood
That's what we responsible for
Battin you down
Knifin you up
Stompin your jaw
Bail a nigga out for stealin something out on the tour
And they makin technology to trya nd screw niggas
I'm good long as an old gun will kill a new nigga
Yall dudes with 9 lives got one life left
And controversy sells but it aint like death
So pop him in the head til his brains start to fizz on him
I aint sell my soul to the devil, I bought his from him
Waitin on the day they say jesus is gonna come
So god bless yall niggas cuz im sneezing with my gun

Bless you
You aint D Block or Double R nigga
No doubt imma stretch you
Imma shoot back 10 feet
Imma catch you
Real brutal shit
Make sure I snap your neck too
SLR or the Aston Mar'
Lamborghini or the Porsche with the crashin bars
Iced out
Or wear no ice at all
100 Gs on the dice game
Life's a ball
Listen up -- if you real get real estate
We the best in the game, that aint a real debate
And they never had AK's peelin face
Cuz its written in the starts for us to seal your fate
Time to skate


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