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Akon (feat. Styles P) "Locked Up (Remix)"

Альбом: Trouble

[Styles P]
Locked up, they won't let me out
And I had a long day in court, shit stress me out
Won't give me a bill, they can't get me out
Now I'm headin to the County, gotta do a bid here
I used to livin luxurious, I don't wanna live here
The walls is gray, the clothes is orange
The phones is broke, the food is garbage
Lotta niggaz is livin with these circumstances
S.P.'s the same, I still merk ya mans-es
Drug money to rap money, work advances
Niggaz ran and told, I shoulda merked to Kansas
Got popped for a murder attempt
Knock me on D-Block when I was burnin the hemp
Had a brick in the stash
Hope they don't take it to a further extent
Locked up and they won't let me out
When I hit my cellblock, niggaz know the dread be out

I'm steady tryin to find a motive, why do what I do?
The freedom ain't gettin no closer, no matter how far I go
My car is stolen - no registration
The cops patrollin - and now they done stopped me
And I get locked up

[Chorus: Akon]
They won't let me out
They won't let me out
I'm locked up; they won't let me out, nooo
They won't let me out
I'm locked up, they won't let me out
They won't let me out
I'm locked up, they won't let me out, nooo
They won't let me out

Headin up town to re-up, back with a couple ki's
The corner block's on fire, undercovers dressed as fiends
Makin so much money - product's movin fast
Put away the stash - as I sold the last bag
Fucked around and got locked up

[Chorus] w/ variations + ad libs

[Styles P.]
Now that I'm locked up I rep two sets so
I'ma +Ryde or Die+ and stay D-Blocked up
Two toothbrushes up, whoever want it with P
When I walk by, nigga get up
Cause I'm locked up, they can't get me out
I smoke a stick of haze when they stress me out
Go and hit the bar when the wrecks be out
Can't wait for the day when they let me out

Cause visitation no longer comes by
It seems like they forgot about me
Commissary is gettin empty
My cellmates gettin food without me
I can't wait to get out and move forward with my life
(Move on with my life)
Got a family that loves me and wants me to do right
But instead I'm here locked up

[Chorus] w/ variations + ad libs

[Outro] over [Chorus - repeat to fade]
Cause I'm locked up
Where's my lawyer
.. Get me out of here
Baby I'm locked up
Where's my niggaz on the block
Tell them I'm locked up
I'm locked up
.. Can you please accept my phone call

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Akon (feat. Styles P) "Locked Up (Remix)" lyrics to a song

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