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Beastie Boys (feat. Q-Tip) "Get it Together"

Альбом: Ill Communication

Get It Together

Verse One:


1-2 1-2 keep it on
listen to the shit because we keep it til dawn
listen to the abstract got it goin on
listen to the ladies come on and let me spawn
on your eggs and then you go up the river
listen to the abstract that freaky nigga


now, I'm adrock and I shock and I tick and I tock
and I can't stop with the body rhymes see
I got heart like john hittin mad starts
pass me the bat and I'll be rockin the whole park


well I'm the M to the C to the A and it's a must
the rhymes that we bust on the topic of lust


and my rhymes is not butt
but fuck it let me get down to the rhythm
yes I get funky and I shoot all my gism
like john the x-rated nigga
listen to the shit cuz I am the ill figure
nobody's gotten any bigger than this


{Get it together, Get it together}
Phone is ringin, oh my god
{Get it together, see what's happening}

Verse Two:

Adrock's down with the Ione
listen to the shit cuz both of them is boney
gotta do it like this like chachi and joani


cuz she's the cheese and I'm the macaroni
so why all the fight, why all the fuss
cuz {huh -- I ain't got no dust}
yeah you know I'm gettin silly
got a grandma hazel and a grandma tilly

Mike D

well I'm the Grand Royal Pres and I'm also a member
born on the cusp in the month of November
I do the patty duke and in in case you don't remember
well I'll freak a funky beat like the shit was in a blender


well I'm off on word is born
I don't need a mother fuckin fool tellin me right from wrong
I don't think I'm slick but do I plan to come hard
but I'm a traveling like I was evan bernard

Adrock -- and I've workin on my game/MCA -- cuz life is taxing
All -- gotta get it together and see what's happening

Chorus Two: Q-Tip

{Get it together} Wait a minute > repeat 11
{Get it together, see what's happening}

Verse Three:

I go a 1-2 like my name was bizmark
but I had to do this shit just let me embark
on the lyric on the noun and the verb
let me kick this shit off cuz no I'm not the herb


well it's not the herb but the spice with the flavor to spare
the move with the funk for your deriere
a word on the topic yes I'd like to mention
when it comes to morning, I'm representin


space and zone and talkin on the phone
and my brain is roamin I don't know where it's goin
I'm talkin lots of shit a little tweakin on the weekend
gotta get up outa ways cuz I know that I'm freakin

Mike D

well I'm a funky soul and I'm a scorpio
and when I got the flo I'm Dr. on the go
so Q-tip what you on the mic for


because I had to talk about the times when I rhyme
and when the mcs come in my face I'm like mace
cuz I back em off with the quills
cuz I had to tell ya nigga cuz I keep ya under frills
arrested 1-9-1-1-16th ave (somethin) blvd.

Mike D

well I'm from manhattan mca's from brooklyn
yeah mca your shit be cookin


prayin mantis on the court and I can't be beat
but yo tip what's up with the boots on your feet


got the timbers on the toes and this is how it goes
1-2 oh my god
All -- 1-2 oh my god

Mike D

and it's some shit
I got the kung-fu flip a (somethin) kid
never ever ever smoke crack crack


never ever ever fuckin wack
I ain't the fuckin pineapple now or laters
listen to me now, and listen to me later
fuck it cuz I know I didn't make it fuckin rhyme for real
but yo technically, I'm as hard as steel


All - gonna get it together, watch it
All - gonna get it together, ma bell
Q-Tip - like ma bell got the ill communication > repeat 4
keep it on and on

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Beastie Boys (feat. Q-Tip) "Get it Together" words to the song

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