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Missy Elliott (feat. Monica & Beenie Man) "Don't Be Cruel"

Альбом: This Is Not A Test!

[Beenie Man]
Zaga, Zaganaga, You hear she moans? Boom!

[Missy Elliott]
Aye yo Monica, won't you help me and Timb change dis shit up again, yea, hit'em

Ooh you turn me on,so boy don't lye
I will never show you (?) so don't try
you all I want,like when Prince made doves cry
And all I'm sayin to you is dont be cruel

[CHORUS - Missy Elliott]
Yo baby pop, yea you, come and give me a kiss
Betta make it fast, or else I'm gonna get pissed
Don't you hear the music pumpin' hard, like I wish you would
Now push it (awww), push it, push it real good

Don't get me wrong, that's just me
I just want you to be all you can be like in the army
Don't try to play me boy cuz I'm nobody's fool
And all I'm sayin' to you is don't be cruel


[Missy Elliott]
Now, now, now wait a minute ya'll
this is for all the fly sexy people
so when I say get out on the floor
go to the floor, dance I said

[BRIDGE - Beenie Man]
Run to me one and only bed
Run man, run get ya rag
Girls if ya holla give me head
Call 9-1-1 cuz one more dead now
Run to me one and only bed
Run man, run get ya rag
[?] every last said
Call 9-1-1 cuz one more dead now

[Beenie Man]
Drop dem shings and let's get busy girl
Hold on tight and don't get dizzy girl
Sorry for ya dizzy, got me on I be fizzy or a kizzy
Just woke up in my bedroom wizzy
While ya on break let yo kitty air
Like magic song at 3rd, like a pier
Girl you bout to explode ya frontier
Cuz I got to direct this, a poonany engineer
See ya kno ya can olly-wa
Early heard I came here wit cha
Don't be mockin,ya not ordering me chalk
you got to learn a lesson, not a walk in the park, yo
Let's show'em how to punk dem out
Max'em out like mercurtic kwa
I'm talkin bout let me date me a frog
Burn you a [?]

[BRIDGE - Beenie Man]

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