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Missy Elliott "Let Me Fix My Weave"

Альбом: This Is Not A Test!

What's up motherfuckers?
I need to know is V-A up in this bitch?
New York, St. Louis, Chicago, Philly, LA, Atlanta
I'm diggin' that
But how about the ladies that got a head full of fake weave or braids
Holla at ya peoples
Oh! C'mon

Ooh baby let me fix my weave
Touch me up and let me fix my weave
You could pick me up about a quarter to 3
Before I walk in the club I gotta fix my weave
(Oh) Baby fix my weave
Baby baby let me fix my weave
On the highway I do above 90
(woo-woo) pull me over get the fake ID

I met a guy named Tommy
Very charming
He was on me like cheese be on macaroni
His game real tight making me so horny
Fine enough for us to fuck and be his baby mommy
You really don't know me
So I moves it slowly
Brush up and let him hold me
Let me spit some baloney
Baby you could call me
If you go down on me
But you got to back up off me
Wearing cubic zirconia
I told him, “Baby let me fix my weave
I got a hair out of place and use a fake ID.”
Pepe LePew voulez vous ooh oui
You want to misdemeanor me
You gotta spend more G's (ohhwee)


I used to date a guy named Chris
Sloppy with his kiss
But he was good with his tongue
I called him Mr. Young One
Mr. Young One had a big ding-dong
Balls the size of ping-pong
I had him souped like won-ton
I put the beat on
And on my ass he skeet on
I put the heat on young gun
Fresh meat he season
Yes, yes we used to creep down the beach
He was insane like Rick James
And with a mask he's Superfreak
I told him, “Gimme cash to fix my weave
And I don't want no excuses ‘bout your baby mommy
‘cause your child support money don't fix my weave
and you know nigga please me no fuck for free.”


I got a call from Joe
He used to call me J.Lo
Hey-lo, how you doing?
Used to ask who I was screwing
Joe was pursuing
Sex was good all “ooh-in”
Moan he was grown
He would fuck me ‘til the mo'nin'
I used to get vex when he would sex another bitch
Said “Baby don't trip, just like Ben I'm rich”
Jen don't bitch, then Miss don't bitch
Lopez get rich, call me Miss Affleck
I tell him, “Baby I need a new weave
Because my tracks feel whack, I want to hit the party
You want to play like Ben then give me your keys
‘cause even Jen drive a Benz to go fix a weave.”


To the heavy weave cities
Miami, Jersey, D.C., the Carolinas, Detroit, Louisville, Ohio, to all the
To the beauty salons, and curling irons stitching in that ? hair
Okay, oohwee yeah fix your weave
Straight up like a perm you heard

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