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Canibus (feat. Free, Pras) "Patriots"

Альбом: Can-I-Bus

I make your bitch crew shit stools; I put a pistol
in your mouth and pull, then I feed you to the pitbulls
Don't even talk about guns; the only "nine" you got
is a five dollar bill and four ones
So I don't give a fuck what none of y'all niggaz say
Cause anything that can't penetrate ricochets
Rhymin with me on a record? You might as well have died
and went to hell instead of heaven cause my rhyme weapon
is like a medieval torture method -- your four limbs
tied to four horses all pulling in different directions
In this profession I get busy without a question
Seein me is like seein a vampire's reflection
Fast or slow flows connect like electrodes
I make cassette tape decks blow when I'm in wreck-mode
Explode leavin areas abandoned
with more radiation behind than spots UFO's landed in

[Pras]Is that all soldier?
[Can]Yes, sir!
[Pras]Is there anything you need?
[Can]No, sir!
[Pras]Report back to me before debriefing. At ease!

[Can]Are you a Navy Seal?
[Free]Yes, sir!
[Can]Then say it like you mean it!
Tell them who Free from the Navy Seal Team is!

Free be the one rockin shit, special operatives
Specializin in weapon diagnostics
My survival tactics be drastic, like Rambo
I'm stranglin niggaz with my bow and arrow elastic
Whoever said you couldn't be five feet and thoroughbred
never witnessed the cerebal cortex in my head
How many gigabytes does your hard drive hold?
or does your hard drive fold once the signal hits the node?
Beyond mission control the theory behind your thought
Marie Antoinette, behead me, I still rock
While you choke and suffocatin off your own testosterone
I'm known for breakin levels down to the values unknown
A specimen with extraterrestrial estrogen
Kick your intestines in, sell your testicles to Mexicans
I bring the force like a nutcracker
Annihilate rhyme hackers, Navy Seal linebacker
The last Oedipus remains, unclaimed
So if you buck against Free you better tattoo your name
on your teeth -- I disintegrate those that oppose
Disintegrate hoes with they assholes in they nose
I suppose you wanna run your mouth like a castagnette
I put bitch niggaz to rest in the bitch bassinet

[Can]Is that all soldier?
[Free]Yes, sir!
[Can]Is there anything you need?
[Free]No, sir!
[Can]Report back to me before debriefing. At ease!

[Can]Are you a patriot?
(Sir, yes sir!)
[Can]Then say it like you mean it!
Tell them who Canibus from the Navy Seal Team is!

I'm the meanest motherfucker on this whole Navy Seal team
And I can kill anything if it bleeds or breathes
Yo, callin all bitch-ass niggaz and bitch-ass bitches
I got a Howitzer bigger than any four-fifth is
Rappin is a raw business
But as an individual I'm as different as anybody's fingerprint is
If foreign is the norm I'm the antonym
Put me in the same category you would put Marilyn Manson in
Bugging like a satanic evangelist
Jogging buttnaked down Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles
Every MC in your crew will get ruined or wounded
You talk the bullshit, and be too scared to do shit
I'm the type of nigga that'll prove it, produce shit
Spent so much time in the studio I had to move in
A soldier, who practices West Indian obia
I can drink the poison from a king cobra
Cause long after y'all are dead and gone
I'll survive the nuclear holocaust like a roach ??

[Pras]Is that all soldier?
[Can]Sir, yes sir!
[Pras]Is there anything you need?
[Can]Sir, no sir!
[Pras]Report back to me before debriefing. At ease! *echoes*

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Canibus (feat. Free, Pras) "Patriots" words to song

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