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Chingy (feat. Janet Jackson) "Don't Worry"

Альбом: Powerballin'

[Intro - Chingy - talking] + (Janet Jackson)
(Trak Starz) Hey, what's up? (Ooh Chingy)
You ain't been talkin to me for a couple of days
But it's all good
I just wanted to let you know that
I know, I do some things that's wrong
You do some things that's wrong
You know what I'm sayin?
We ain't perfect
We all make mistakes
Nah nah nah, hold on
I'm talkin to you
Don't just be tellin leave and stuff like that
I'm talkin to you
I'm tryna make things better for me and you

[Chorus - Janet Jackson]
Just me and you, eww Chingy
Don't matter what we go through
Just me and you
We don't need nobody else
Just me and you, eww Chingy
I'ma always be down for you
Just me and you
So don't worry bout a damn thang, oh

[Chingy - talking behind Chorus]
Just me and you
I feel you baby
I'ma take out my time
To, get you love, show you love
And accept you for who you are
Both of us, I trust you, you trust me
I ain't worried about nothin

[Verse 1 - Chingy]
Now that we together girl the light's so bright
It took a little time but now the feelin so right
Remember when I snuck through your window at night?
Bringin you flowers and candy
Me and you sippin on brandy
Plus I appreciate the love on sight (big time)
Huggin me, holdin me, fix dinner, so polite (thank you baby)
Even when them stupid pigs was tryna sue me
Forget about friends and family, you the one that knew me
The way you smile at me, keep me feelin alright
This ain't about furs, fancy cars, or ice
So I'm dedicatin this to my female friend
Sincerely yours, words can't express my feelings within


[Chingy - talking behind Chorus]
I know, that's why, that's why I'm takin the time out
That's why I'm takin the time out to talk to ya
You say we don't never talk no more
It's all hurr, anything you go to ask me
This the time, it's me and you right?
It's on, ya know, I ain't gon' disrespect you no more

[Verse 2 - Chingy]
We human so we gon' fight and fuss at each other
He told me you trippin, but girl don't worry about my brother
We have a argument, it drive me to go out (I'm gone)
You my flesh, so me and another woman won't rout
I'm thinkin about the times when you flew to my house
Gonna give you everything, you want this man ain't a mouse
Am I cheatin? Hell naw, hope you got no doubts
Rose petals in the tub, baby unbutton that blouse (wait)
Better yet, come on you'll hold me, let's eat at Mr. Chow's
Know you love me when you mad, you don't get loud
So I'm dedicatin this to my female friend
Sincerely yours, words can't express my feelings within ("If you was my baby")


[Chingy - talking behind Chorus]
Basically, what I'm sayin is
I don't wanna lose ya
I know you, sometimes I come in the house, you be like
Where ya been?
I tell ya, I'm, I'm comin from the studio
Let me explain to ya though, it's just the truth though
Know what I'm sayin?
Let me explain why I really care about us (I ain't cheatin)
I ain't creepin, I ain't playin
It's just me and you

[Verse 3 - Chingy]
I like your style, your grace, your beautiful face, your essence (that's true)
Your size, your shape, this beautiful place, a blessin
Your weight, your waist, your delicious taste, perfectin
Your height, your sight, with my life as your protection
So sweet like candy, let's raise a family in Miami
Where the beach so sandy, toast two champagne glasses, you and me
Your scent, like the smell of fresh airr relief
And for you I go over my budget, no I ain't cheap (yep)
Can't stop grindin 'til I get hurr record to the top
Just know you on my mind, every second on the clock
Tick tock, if you ever need help, scream (Janet: Ooh)
And I come runnin for my life, to trade it in for your dreams


[Janet Jackson - singing - until fade]
Just me and you, eww Chingy (Trak Starz)
Just me and you
Just me and you, eww Chingy
Just me and you

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Chingy (feat. Janet Jackson) "Don't Worry" lyrics to song

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