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Fabolous (feat. Mike Shorey) "Make U Mine"

Альбом: More Street Dreams, Pt. 2: The Mixtape

Yeah, Uh
I know I make you wanna leave the one you with
But I ain't Usher Raymond
I'm the kid that they rush to blamin'
For the crush they claimin'
Who can make em' blush the same when I ask
"What's my name?" and they yell
You shouldn't of even brought her my direction
Unless she was handcuffed wit a order of protection, yeah
I'm talkin' wreckless now
Cause I'm the reason that your girlfriends are ya ex's now, nigga

[Mike Shorey]
I'm the fella that keep em yellin', and it's nothin to get em'
I don't sweat em', that's what I tell em'
And they quickly forget 'em, and I bet 'em
I get them to forget the day that they met 'em
And I let 'em cause I can spend 'em
And it's more then the denim
But I've been on the move, while you dudes be sleepin'
The coupe on 22's keepin shorty sneakin' in
She won't tell the truth she too used to creepin'
When Mike is in the booth it's the truth I'm speakin'

Any girl I gave it to, can't even go love another man
I give it to 'em like no other brother can
She say my man can barley move me
But boy you make me scream like a scary movie
On top of that, I'm smoother than the rest of the gangstas
And I proved that dude you messed with's a wanksta (Ohh)
Damn homie, ya girl is wit the Street Fam homie
And she ain't fuckin' wit you

[Mike Shorey]
It's a shame you lames
Can't even maintain ya dames
And it's insane the way that she gave me brain
My pimp game's the same don't forget the name
And when chicks peep the chain they just can't restrain
Shorty don't try to fake it, just up and face it
Ya time is bein' wasted and ya man's a basic
See it all in his faces, he's cheap and tasteless
But life is what you make it just watch the bracelet

Bet ya man can't do it like me
His veins don't pump pimp fluid like me
He's nowhere near or like me
And he probably think keepin' you in check
Is buyin' you a pair of Nike's
Why wouldn't I, get dome from her
When the digits on my checks look like phone numbers
Fuck it, you might as well tell that busta skiddaddle
Not even Cochran can help 'em win this custody battle (Yeah)

[Mike Shorey]
Catch me in the club, wit a case of bub
And a thick chick to rub, niggaz hate because
When they sit in the truck, they be quick to fuck
And I'm gettin' a nut, they just lick it up
I'm their favorite, plus the flow is dangerous
I don't aim to get shorties our relationships
But they crave the chips, I might need a Range to fit
She changed a bit, since I got the hang of it

[Fabolous Talking]
That's right, we got the hang of it
Mike Shorey, Fabolous
Street Family, Desert Storm
I know you hear us, but I wanna make you mine
You know? Haha, yeah

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Fabolous (feat. Mike Shorey) "Make U Mine" lyrics of song

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