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Fabolous (feat. Jagged Edge, P. Diddy) "Trade It All Pt. 2"

Альбом: Street Dreams

[P. Diddy]
Yeah, yeah, this the moment they all been waiting for playboy
we here now, we in the house now, fa sho'
check me out, I'm tired of playing games

[Chorus: Jagged Edge]
Girl I'd trade it all, money cars, and everything
All, even give up my street dream
All, anything to have you on my team
All, babygirl I'd trade it all

Diddy: Fabolous, talk to 'em

[Verse 1: Fabolous]
I assume I'm so into you
Cause even before we hit the bedroom I was friends wit you
If they ask, I ain't got to say "whom?" in them interviews
My sweet thing never believe the rumors, that been ain't true
The fact I had numerous friends is true
But you was wifey, could change me to a groom in a minute boo
Maybe, my sense of humor gets into you
But girl, they could make a perfume from the scent of you
I wanna take you where it feel like June and December too
So what you think about Cancun 'til the winter boo?
I don't know what the other consumers you been with do
I put a day aside, to go to Bloomy's and spend with you
Like any other man, I wanna zoom to the clinic too
but I wanna see if me and my junior's identical
A dude put a wound on the skin of you
I swear to everything, that same afternoon, I'll be in the news
feel me?

[Chorus: repeat 2X w/ changes]

[Verse 2: P. Diddy]
C'mere girl, come and take a walk with me
so I can take you places you don't often be
C'mon ma, come and get lost with me
as far as them other chicks, can't get them off of me
everlastin', love in a whole 'nother fashion
all I'm askin, is let me cash in
cause I'd give all the passion, all of the Sean John fashion
in orderly fashion, perhaps when
you figure out, exactly what Diddy 'bout
Cause we could take this whole city out
Now who gon' stop us, who gon' knock us?
Top us, we can't find coppers to lock us
Lear jets and choppers, love hella proper
Seperate the weak from the obso-lete, hard to keep, I got ya
I rocked ya, word to Big Poppa, I got ya, yeah

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

Fab: What you want huh?
Diddy: I'm ready to give this all up for you shorty
get your mind right

[Verse 3: Fabolous]
Well this newcomer's known, to move with the seasons
couple winter lodges, few summer homes
I'm there for every "ooh", "um", and moan
and make sure when the new Hummer roams, the shoes come in chrome
I ain't new at buying white, yellow, and cucumber stones
that send chills through a woman bones, but life gets gruesome alone,
even though I got the kinda bread that won't matter if a few crumbs are blown
flights, I done flew some alone,
now I wanna wake up everyday with you in a new number zone
Mama mia, it's you I'ma phone,
just to erase all the negative views from your dome
and I promise this fellas G, it's so gangsta it'll calm all that jealousy
and drama you tellin me, so mama come yell at me
so I can put the top down, and we can "Cruise/Cruz" like Tom and Penelope
my charm is a felony.......

[Chorus] - repeat to fade

Diddy: Fabolous, Diddy, Desert Storm, we rock on, and rock on

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