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Kurupt "This One's for U"

Альбом: Kuruption!


Yo, yo man
Yo, yo I got a message for all y'all motherfuckers mad at shit
Cause now I'm mad at shit
Got a nigga smokin' a whole motherfucken' dope sack of some doja
Y'all know what I mean?
Shit man, motherfuckin' shit man, this some bomb ass weed
Yo check it -
Fuck all y'all fake ass, mad 'cause nobody don't love y'all
Secretly dingy ass, 500,000 sold ass, bitch ass, funny style ass
Goofy, dusty, dirty, punk ass motherfuckers

Gangster nigga!...
To all the homies...
No bitch-ass niggaz allowed, no bitches allowed
Kurupt Young Gotti, check it out

Gangsta, gangsta, I'm a G from the D
That's what the riders see
I'm a get a quarter-mil, quarter-inch of a deal
Come through - grey and blue
I'ma show you what I do, Where I hang and shit
Dogg Pound Gangstaville in the cut, nigga what
I'm a slip through, if you trip, I'ma trip too
Get a bitch to strip 'til the homies dip through
Got my nigga Slip too (what up Slip?)
And I got a whole eighth of weed
And that's all we need - 'til we hit the next spot
Cause when I flew in, I knew it was 'bout to be a G'd up reunion
Ain't no words to express this song
Cause one day you're here and the next you're gone
This goes out to the homies
And this is straight from the heart and true
And This One's for U

This One's for U, yeah
This One's for U, ooh
This One's for U, oooh woaaa
This One's for U

Hollered at one of the homies the other day
He said someone approached and then he looked the other way
He turned back and drawed, and all he saw -
Was a vision of himself, he choked and he awoke
And I just paused to laugh, that's some familiar shit
Cause the other day I dreamt up some similar shit
So I tell him I love you and stay safe
Then I skates to a whole different hood where different shit takes place
I've been G, since the age of 18
When I first ran into heaters, nine-millimeters
Get the cash as one, all the homies mash as one
Toke the bong and smoke these, a hundred spokes
Holler at the big homeboy C-Style (what up C-Style!?)
I ain't seen him in a while - so I pops the stash
And pull out the orange blueberry shroomz and hash
I don't think niggaz could last
Cause ain't nothin' fuckin' with Kurupt and Daz

This One's for U, ooooooh
This One's for U
This One's for U, oooh woaaa
This One's for U, yeah

I feel a "woo" comin' on cuh, I feel a "woo" comin' on cuh - WOO! WOO!
I feel a "woo" comin' on cuh, I feel a "woo" comin' on cuh - WOO! WOO!
There I was - when I talk about history, or psychology, or biology (what?)
We'll talk about D.P.-ology, geology, a G's anology
G's in rare form, C's in rare form
I gots vision, ammunition loaded, prepare storm
Stack up the Cutlass like bustas
Heaters cocked back for all you motherfuckers that's tryin' to touch us
I got licks to hit, put that ass on crutches
(I'ma) conceal the glock, pancakes stop and drop
Blown, hold up, what's goin' on?
My main compose within' a whole different zone
Hoppin' in 'fours, slammin' Cadillac doors, with a gang of hoes
Could we pull hoes nigga, pro's nigga
Banged out, this is for the niggaz that bang (who that?)
Kurupt's the name, nigga you know the game
Snoop Dogg's the name, nigga you know the gang
Dat Nigga Daz the name, you know exactly what we claimin'
Heaters cocked back, get scorched just like flames
Dope in the wind, indo and Henn
Tha Gang nigga

This One's for U, heyayyay
This One's for U, ooh
This One's for U, oooh woaaa
This One's for U
This One's for U, yeaaah
This One's for U, ooh
This One's for U, oooh woaaa
This One's for U, oooh yeaaah

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