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Kurupt (feat. Butch Cassidy, Baby S) "We Can Freak It"

Альбом: Kuruption

Zzzzz, Zzzzz,Zzzzz, Zzzzz, Owwwwww

Bounce, rock, roll, and skatin
Bounce, rock, roll, and skatin
Dippin down the street on platinum Daytons

I been all around the world, Japan to Amsterdam
Hittin like switches
Dippin, Hit the switches, which is
One reason why I gotta make mine
Cuz these fools on the street tryin to take mine
Wassup ladie
Times gettin shady
You gotta lipstick wit it
Thats why I'm sick wit it
Hard to maintain in this world of pain
But I'ma serve these rhymes like dimes of caine (check it out)
Why can't we just chill and get along, motherfucker?
But the views you choose to use is wrong, motherfucker
Relax, me and Baby S got it macked to the tee
Just ride with me
Battlecat in the back with a sack on deez
Ridin' with the young OG's (OG's)
Dippin down Shaw, fuck all of y'all
As i bounce rock skate on threes

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
We can freak it
Freak if you want to
Dine if you want to, but,
communicate and you know

Verse 2: Baby S, Kurupt

[Baby S]
Let me tell you how I started on the grind for mine
Livin life in my rear view
S, nigga hear you
About to drop the bomb
Record one and blue calm, and Yukons
And John hook my shit up bomb
Who controllin?
Rollin with my nigga from the Pound
Put my shit in cruise control with bitches all around
Make me feel like a G one more
He once smoked for free
Now it's all about the G's and he

Oh yeah!
Blaze up a whole sack to the head
We wear khakis nigga, FUCK jeans
I'm sure all the G's know what I mean
Lil locs, young g's and og's
We on the smash for cash and thats it
We hit the stash and dash and thats it
We don't flash we mash we blast shit
And we don't give a fuck about a bitch but uh

Give it up nigga, throw it up nigga (x8)
Why you trippin wit me?
Won't you kick it with me?
By my glock
Combinin nots
I got me somebody mad as shit
While all the rest of yall is mad as shit
I'm dippin down the street in a sky-blue Bentley
Pull up to the curve, then swerve gently
Ten of the homies made a left
But they all ride with Kurupt, Cat, and Baby S, so uh

(Chorus until fade)

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Kurupt (feat. Butch Cassidy, Baby S) "We Can Freak It" song lyrics free

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