B2K "Where Did We Go Wrong"

: Pandemonium

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Dave Mac
We gone bump your speakers with this one
Yall know who this is its B2K
Check it out
I wan to tall yall about this girl
I dont think she had it all
Cuase she had it all with me
But she left
Now she gotta another man
And if you still dont understand
Raz talk to dem
Let them kno

You was always trippin
For no reason
As if something was on your mind
Then when I asked you what was wrong
You carried on like we were fine
Then one day you up and leave
Like I forced you not to be with me
You and I both know whats really going on
Thats why we broke up over the phone

Hey girl
You didnt have to ever leave
You choose
To push yourself away from me
And I know
You want to see jealousy
Im not that man

Can I ask the question why
We argue over
Stupid little things
We aint together
Why cant be friends
Instead of fighting
Where did we go wrong
Where did we go wrong

I was your man
You where my girl
The relationship lasted to long
For you to just walk out without a sign
Tell me where did we go wrong
I seat thinking were you ever creepin
Cause you shocked so fast you never known
What drove me away from you
Your the crazy one play dumb, play dumb

[HOOK 2x]

[J-Boog talking:]
I need to ask you a question
Why do we always gotta argue when we talk
We not even together anymore
At least we can be friends or something
You acting all brand new
I dont care about him
Cause I got me a girl too
It dont matter
You know what I'm saying
We can go on double dates if you want too
I just want to know why you trippin out on me
You need to fix your attitude
Just cause I aint your man
Dont mean I would get in your aaaaaaaa
You betta understand that
Im still that
You betta act like you know
You betta tell him
Cause if you dont I will
I run this

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B2K "Where Did We Go Wrong"





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