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Lil' Flip (feat. Butch Cassidy) "U Neva Know"

Альбом: U Gotta Feel Me

[Intro: Lil' Flip]
Yeeah.. this is pimpin at its finest man
Ha ha ha ha, yeeah, let it bang
I go by the name Lil' Flipper, man
You know Mr. Like A Pimp - ha ha
I'm in here wit my dog Butch Cassidy
Check me out, check me out

[Verse 1: Lil' Flip]
I came in the door (door); INSERT INTO `lyrics_raphot` (`id`, `artist`, `artist_id`, `artist2_id`, `feat`, `title`, `article`, `album`, `body`, `wap`, `date`, `publish`) VALUES I told y'all before (fore)
I never fall in love wit a motherfucking hoe (hoe)
I keep it pimpin like Good Game, I'm still in the hood man
Drinkin my purple stuff and grippin my wood grain (my wood grain)
I got hoes in area codes like Ludacris (Ludacris)
You think I'm trickin my dough - that's some stupid shit
I got a plan to be a man cause I sell bricks
So you can let that other nigga get your nails fixed
I treat a bitch like a bitch, a lady like a queen
Spit my game, get in her brain, now she on my team
And after we done I might call you later (might)
Just holla at a player (yeah)

[Chorus: Butch Cassidy] + (Lil' Flip)
Cause you neva know, you neva know.. when somebody might be fuckin your bitch
Cause you neva know, you neva know.. when somebody might be fuckin your bitch
U neva know, and you neva know.. when somebody might be fuckin your bitch
Cause you neva know, cause you neva know
(Yeeah, cause it might just be)
(Look, a nigga like me)

[Verse 2: Lil' Flip]
I told her, "keep it on the low, boo" I know you got a man
I ain't wit that lovi-dovi shit, I ain't holdin hands (uh uh)
Just call me when you get off work cause right now I'm busy (I'm busy)
And when I finished what I'm doin, we can kick it (ahh)
I know ya nigga be goin through your phone (uh huh)
But it's cool cause every night I been roamin in this home (ha)
That nigga lame cause he don't even smoke wit you
Take trips on the boat wit you, kick back and show wit you

[Chorus: Butch Cassidy] + (Lil' Flip) - (w/ minor variations)

[Verse 3: Lil' Flip]
Now you can roll (you can roll) but you know we kick it all night (all night)
Cause your friends is my friends, ain't that alright (alright)
Now look (look); INSERT INTO `lyrics_raphot` (`id`, `artist`, `artist_id`, `artist2_id`, `feat`, `title`, `article`, `album`, `body`, `wap`, `date`, `publish`) VALUES I got a flight to make
And I can't be runnin late cause I'm about that cake
I got business in H2's (what else?); INSERT INTO `lyrics_raphot` (`id`, `artist`, `artist_id`, `artist2_id`, `feat`, `title`, `article`, `album`, `body`, `wap`, `date`, `publish`) VALUES yachts and boats (what else?)
I got crocodile shoes, leather minks and coats
I'm still livin the hood life, but I'm livin the good life
So don't get mad cause I'm bangin ya wife (nigga!)
You like to make love (make love) but she want it rough (she want it rough)
You need to talk to her (talk to her) cause she had enough (she had enough)
You think you got it locked (you got it locked) but I got the key
Cause I'm a motherfucking P-I-M-P

[Verse 4: Butch Cassidy]
You never know, these undercover hoes
Is fallin, you got to stay on your toes
They plottin schemes, or better they chasin dreams
But no, these hoes ain't movin me (meeee!)
I chased and fucked, no bitch can get me stuck
Well I'm just going to try my luck (hooo hoo)
They end up sick and hurt, but leavin in a skirt
Then find some better love to fuck (ahh)

[Chorus: Butch Cassidy] + (Lil' Flip) - (w/ minor variations)

[Outro: Butch Cassidy]
Di di di da di di di di da
Da da da da da
Di di di da di di di di da
Da da da da da
You'll never know.. when somebody might be fuckin your bitch (yeah yeah)
Just never know.. when your bitch is eatin dick (eatin dick)
Huh huh (huh huh)

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18 апреля 2007 года

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