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Lil' Romeo (feat. Lil' D) "Bobblehead"

Альбом: Romeoland

I didn't come to run, I came to make you move
Take it to the floor, and act a fool
Shake it, shake it, shake it like a bobblehead x2

[Lil Romeo]
Girl, Romes in the house and the partys pumpin
I'm in the building and now the crowd is jumpin
Girl you looking cute, you came to dance
I'm like Biggie, baby give me one more chance
Work ya body, move your feet
Bounce it like a ball, shake it to the beat
Go shorty, it's your birthday
Like you school bell ring on the first day
Move it like a fly girl
Anything you want you know I can buy girl
Now the party don't stop til I say when
We did it once before, we'll do it again
You got ants in your pants and you need to dance
Bounce up and down like a rubberband
Oh It's on, It's on, you partying with Romey-Rome

[Chorus] - 2X

[Lil' D]
Up in here, yeah you know that my wrist glow
If you came to party shorty, we can take it to da floor
Ya girl wanna leave, I suggest you let her go
You wanna dip in low all up in my video
Making moves like a rollercoaster
Lean low then shake them shoulders
But first, you gotta bounce to this
Just turn around sayin you boys can't handle this
Whoa! and the dude is shinin
Chain so icy even my diamonds got diamonds
So you better stay in line and
I was born to be a soldier, got a heart of a lion
We don't mess with no fakers
Dumb stupid, I'll make ya lose your squad like the lakers
I got no time for you fakers
I'm on the grind getting money dawg, I sack paper


[Lil Romeo]
Now I'm just chillin and them girls they partyin
I'm trying to see if they can move like indians
You know work it a little bit
Like Milian, dip it low a little bit
I'm like 50 and Young Buck
I always roll with banks so you know whats up
If you don't like me, then you not with me
But its most likely, I got the tank with me
All over the globe, I'm a coast to coast G
Just a living legend like Mike and Kobe
If you don't know then don't speak about me
Shh Shh Shh Shh Shh, don't talk about me
Guess whos back? Romeyrome, Richie Rich
and Yes I got my own line of clothes and kicks
Flow too sick, too hard to fix
Probably need some medical attention for this

[Hook: repeat 2X]
Heads, Shoulders, Knees, Toes
Party over here, take it to the floor
Take it to the floor, take it to the floor


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текст Lil' Romeo (feat. Lil' D) "Bobblehead"

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