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LL Cool J "Lollipop"

Альбом: 10

Uhh, yeah.. mmm, c'mon
You know how long I've been waiting for this
Mmm, you know how bad I want this
(mmm, mmm, mmm)

[Chorus: Girl] + (LL)
Kiss me from (uhh) head to toe (I will)
Oooh baby, I love you so (c'mon)
My sweet love, ain't gon' stop (uh)
I'm gon' be, your lollipop (lollipop)
Kiss me from, head to toe
Oooh baby, I love you so (I know)
My sweet love, ain't gon' stop
I'm gon' be, your lollipop

[LL Cool J]
Lolli-lolli-pop-pop, boppin down the block-block
I've been lovin you since junior high, ma you got
Everything I need, everything I want
You're the type of dime a real player wanna flaunt
Lovin them lips and the shape of them hips
When I see you in that whack brother's whip, I FLIP
I hate your boyfriend, that cat is corny
I kick it to you and I dare that clown to run up on me
When nights are stormy I be thinkin about your pretty smile, gritty style
But duke got you locked down like Riker's Isle
I wanna break your man off, I can't control it, I'm a hater
Especially, when your perfume lingers inside the elevator
You're the one, the only one
That I would beg, to give me some
Playerism's for life, eternal flossin, proceed with caution
Baby toss him, divorce him, let the boss in

[Chorus] w/ variations

[LL Cool J]
So ballalistic, mystic, twisted
In my dreams I kissed it, never missed it, I frisked it
Searched it, worked it, lollipopped it and jerked it
You followed, swallowed, scratch my back, baby burped it
Red Passion, high fashion
Nobody got to know I'm smashin, I'm sayin shorty
Rock, Miss Thang, playin childish games
Standin on the corner knowin damn well I wanna blaze
Sweet get to it anywhere you like
On the rooftop, at midnight
The project stairs, I'll be there
Runnin my fingers through your hair
Anyway, the untouchable, magnetic
Kissable loveable huggable energetic, call a medic
Your man'll regret it, when I hit it I'm athletic
Energize your thighs you'll recognize the size
It's epidemic..

[Chorus] w/ variations

[LL Cool J]
When y'all alone in the Brooklyn brownstone
Starin at the high ceiling, what a feeling
Clothes peeling, finally you're double dealing
I'm walkin, he's wheeling, it's unreal when
You got the dime of your fantasies
My lollipop ecstasy's on top of me
Just like I thought, it's a small world after all
I don't care if your neighbors hear us down the hall
Make 'em jealous, what they gon' tell us?
If you don't tell your girls baby, I won't tell the fellas
If you don't plea, I orchestrated icebergisms
Visions of my lollipop's thick risen, for my wisdom
Plop plop fizzdom, what I give them
Make - yea baby, right there - my new anthem
I love you baby, take it deep deep deep
Deep deep deep, now go to sleep

[Chorus] w/ variations

[LL ad libs to end]

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