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LL Cool J "Throw Ya L's Up"

Альбом: 10

Uhh, hot, fire, hot, uhh

L!!! Who bring you the hotness?
L!!! Yo, you don't wanna start with
L!!! Forever keepin it locked
It's now time to rock with - L!!! - throw your L's up

[LL Cool J]
Don't ever underestimate the Jack the Ripper
Be clear, every time he reappears, it's sicker
Listen here, the mind expanded, the vision is slicker
I'm long range like a miss-ile, many styles to getcha
Tear ya out the frame so the hood can get the picture
But I'd rather break bread, kick knowledge and get some money witcha
I'm willin and able, to smooth pounds out like Witch Hazel
The legend is real, I'm not a fable
Captivated the screen, I'm Queens' Clark Gable
If it ain't a joint, bet your label, don't put it on the table
I'm out for the moolah, throw better hooks than David Tua
Who's the nicest? (L, YOU ARE!!)

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

[LL Cool J]
You don't want it with L, b'ship cats'll get banged out
Put your flow throw a filter boy - shake the old slang out
23's in the building, watch my tongue hang out
Makin MC's scatter like multiple shots rang out
Day one since I came out, they can't put the flame out
My temp seizin, perfect reason to blow the game out
Skatin off in the Navi, naw baby you can't have me
But I know cats will pay for that 'n lace ya - yeah, gladly
Warning, young rappers, you don't want a career?
Y'all wanna keep goin platinum, y'all don't wanna disappear?
Stop boppin backstage like you causin me fear
Cause you startin to get on my nerves, and that's a problem
The vet's in here

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

[LL Cool J]
Tension on the mic, halftime highlights
L Boogie bangin on 'em, jumpin through the skylight
You stand corrected, I'm hot, so get it riddight
I'm just spittin, when the middick is gripped, I spit it tiddight
Aight? Oh, these various rappers is so hilarious
Who put the mic down but y'all ain't qualified to carry this
Your, tracks are garbage and bars are miscellaneous
So, throwin your joint at my car was spontaneous
Oh! I can't take it, why, must they fake it
Flows is fully dressed, yours is butt naked
Forever I will be, the one they came to see
Blowin mics in half baby, who else could it be but

[Chorus] - repeat 4X

[LL Cool J]
Uhh, I'm so hot (yeah)
We so hot (yeah)
Uhh, uhh, you so hot (I'm so hot)
Uhh, uhh, feel it hot (yeah)
Uhh, uhh, are you hot (you make me hot)
Uhh, uhh, I know I'm hot (oooh)
Uhh, uhh, are you hot (yes I'm hot)
Uhh, uhh, I know I'm hot - feel it! (yeah)

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LL Cool J "Throw Ya L's Up" song by lyrics

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