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LL Cool J (feat. Russell Simmons) "That's a Lie"

Альбом: Radio

[ Russell Simmons ]
Yo man, I got this def Rolex watch, man
$100'000 watch, man
I sell it to you for 400
- You got 80?
Dig - dig this, man
I got a rich, rich, rich, rich girl, man...

[ L.L. Cool J ]
I'm sick and tired of the stories that you always tell
Shakespeare couldn't tell a story that well
See, you're the largest liar that was ever created
You and Pinocchio are brotherly related
Full of criss-crossed fits, you lie all the time
Your tongue should be embarrassed, you're a treath to mankind
That's a lie

[ Russell Simmons ]
You know what my records is about, man
You know how much money we get, man
Come on
(You're a liar)
Me and my man Rick got millions of gold albums
(That's a lie)
I'm gettin cold money every day
(You're a liar)
You'll need a wheel barrow for all that shit in my office

[ L.L. Cool J ]
You lied about the lies that you lied about
You even lied to your aunt when you went down south
You lied, and a body builder kicked your butt
If you was in Egypt you'd lie to King Tut
You claim to do things no one could achieve
You said you did things Ripley's wouldn't believe
That's a lie

[ Russell Simmons ]
I got this Japanese girl, man
Lee, man, takes good care of me
(You're a liar)
Yo, she's so def, man
Wipes my butt
(That's a lie)
Everybody be beefin, man, about what Rush doin
(You're a liar)
You seen my new Mercedes, man?

[ L.L. Cool J ]
Giant Jabber-Jaw, biggest liar I ever saw
You said you got a mansion, you don't got half a floor
Professor of Super Lies, you can lecture at my school
You said you liked Felix Unger, sat down at the dinner talbe and drooled
Your story's so remarkable, it shouldn't be revealed
You said you had a Benz, you don't got four wheels
That's a lie

[ Russell Simmons ]
I got a Maserati, man, what are you talkin 'bout?
(You're a liar)
I traded my 1988 Mercedes for it
(That's a lie)
Man, don't front, you know what Rush is about, man
(You're a liar)
Yo, why you be illin, man?
You know what time - what time it is

[ L.L. Cool J ]
Then you start to lie about things you don't have
You speak of limousines? You can't afford a cab
Said you slapped Rowdy Piper and didn't get a hassle
You promised your girl filet mignon, took her to White Castle
You said you have a lot of women, you don't even know a few
'There are 8 million stories' - and they're all made up by you
That's a lie

[ Russell Simmons ]
...Rush, man
Gives you the biggest medaillon you ever saw
(You're a liar)
It's gon' keep the bullets off your back
(That's a lie)
You know why stations play our records?
Cause the kids'll tear the station apart
Kids'll rip it down...

[ L.L. Cool J ]
Said your grandmother's 20 when your mother's 25
Said your father beat Joe Lewis, but homebody took a dive
You said you used tootpaste, your teeth are yellow like my gold
A brand new pair of Lee's, that's the skirt your sister stole
That's a lie

[ Russell Simmons ]
Yo man
All the girls everywhere talkin about Rush
(You're a liar)
Word man, Pretty Tony knocked a hoe down the other day
(That's a lie)
Talkin so much about 'Rush, Rush,' every time
(You're liar)
That hoes just be beefin, man
'Rush this and Rush that'
(That's a lie)
World's biggest thing, man
Rush is gettin all the money, man
(You're liar)
...wheel barrow full of money, ya understand me?
(That's a lie)
That they be rollin that shit in my office all day
(You're a liar)
Nothin but money, and it be green
(That's a lie)
Don't front, man, you know what Rush is about, man
Rush gets money, man
(You're liar)
My Maserati is bad, man, it's blue and green - and gold
(That's a lie)
I just bought this hoe this milllion dollar ring, man
(You're a liar)
I just wanna look good, man
So I got one
(That's a lie)
Like that, we be cold gettin money at Rush, man
Jewels be them thangs
(You're a liar)
Rings and things, man, all that type of stuff
(That's a lie)
Man, I got 900 pairs of Reeboks, man
...pair of...Adidas
(You're a liar)
I got every color of Adiddas they ever made, man
(That's a lie)
My man Steve, that's a porno star, man
And he be bringin them hoes to the house
(You're a liar)
Word man, they be over my house
(That's a lie)
Yo, that girl at my house, man
...Lee, man
She cleans up behind me, man
(You're a liar)
Yo, she cleans up behind me, does everything I say, man
(That's a lie)
Yo man, sweet little Japanese thing, man
Takin care of me, man
(You're a l-)
Yo, man...
(That's a lie)

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