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Loon (feat. Letter M) "Waiting"

Альбом: Loon

[Intro - Loon - talking] + (Female voice)
Yo people say, behind every bad boy is a good woman
But bein the Bad Boy that I am (I'll be waiting)
I never knew how good a woman I had
But see I'm older now (I'll be waiting)
I'm startin to understand things
So on that note baby, I ain't goin nowhere (I'll be waiting)
I'll be waiting

[Break - Loon] + (Letter M) + [Female voice] - w/ ad libs
Anytime, anyplace I'll be waiting [I'll be waiting]
(Anytime, anyplace I'll be waiting)
Through the storm, through the rain girl whatever [I'll be waiting]

[Verse 1 - Loon]
Uh, yeah, aiyyo ma
You gotta understand, lovin you wasn't part of the plan
Was 17, I was far from a man, plus I was part of a team
That put they whole heart in the green
I was too young to be a part of your dreams
I was surrounded by sugars astoundin, plus I'm kinky
Picture Loon settlin down, couldn't make me
Neither your love or the system could break me
A hot slug ma, barely would shake me
I would rather you hate me, than to love me
Mistake me for your hubby
You blatantly tried to rub me, when I'm out with my crew
Show me affection, when I'm not in the mood
We had a fight now you got me confused
You bringin breakfast and a bottle of Voo

[Chorus - Loon] + (Letter M) + [Female voice]
Anytime, anyplace I'll be waiting [I'll be waiting]
(Anytime, anyplace I'll be waiting)
Through the storm, through the rain girl whatever [I'll be waiting]
(Through the storm, through the rain boo whatever, baby)
Just call my name and I'll come running
(And I'll come running for you baby)
Whenever you call, whatever you need [I'll be waiting]

[Verse 2 - Loon]
Yo, yo it's funny I'm gettin older now
And walk around with the same chip on my shoulder now
Shit is upholdin now, I'm still thuggin, still buggin
Still resentin your lovin, still rushin to go clubbin
But things that you showed me, have gradually mold me to a better man
I can't lie, I'm startin to understand
Besides a hundred grand wrapped in a rubber band
Besides the screamin fans that be inside
I was a victim of scam and I know you would bounce
When the bankers called and you froze my account
Even though you was mad, you ain't go on my couch
You still left all of my dough in the house
That's what I'm talkin 'bout (that's what I'm talkin 'bout)


[Verse 3 - Loon]
Uh, yeah, I'm reminiscin all the days that you waited on me
And never listened to your friends when they hated on me
You the only girl alive ever made me horny
Dear you take me to the crib and just lay it on me
On top of that all the years that you sacrificed
You always made me feel like I had a wife
Me and you a sure thing, we ain't rollin dice
Now it's time to trade rings, let them throw the rice
Let's make it right, baby (let's make it right, baby)

[Chorus - 2X] - w/ ad libs

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Loon (feat. Letter M) "Waiting" lyrics for a song

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