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Master P (feat. Snoop Dogg) "Snitches"

Альбом: MP Da Last Don

Snitch:What's happening?
Snoop: What you mean what's up, nigga
Snitch:What, what's happening man?
Snoop: I need to holler at you nigga, come here
Snitch:For what, what's happening
Snoop: Fuck you doing hanging out with the police and shit, nigga?
Snitch:Man I wasn't hanging with the police man
Snoop: Oh, you didn't think I seen you
Snitch:Man, you trippin' man
Snoop: I seen you jump out that car, nigga
Snitch:Nah man, fuck that dog
Snoop: You snitching now, nigga
Snitch:Man, hell nah I ain't snitching
Snoop: What else you doing with the police, you must be snitching
Let me holler at you nigga
Come here bro
Snitch:Oh man

Snoop Doggy Dogg:

How many real niggas is locked away
Behind some bitch-ass nigga with a whole lot to say
Man fools is confused ain't no rules to this game
Niggas be telling the feds where a nigga lay his head
Giving them niggas code names
Cold game, but I can't even say shit about it
'Cause if I catch you slipping, dipping tripping I'm getting rowdy
Killer snitch fuck a bitch I throw 'em both in a ditch
Cause they can't stand to see a young nigga getting rich
I'm destined for fame
Oh bitch-ass niggaz putting salt in the game
Put a stain on your brain 'cause I shall remain
And I know longer dwells in the cocaine game
It's a shame the way the game has switched
And the police man trying to take my shit
I caught a nigga one day jumping out of a cop car
I ain't saying no names but this nigga's a rap star
Walking real fast then he dashed in my backyard
Buff ass nigga perpetrating to act hard
In the front seat with no cuffs on
I ask him bout the discussion he say the wrong thing I rush him
Dust him, 'cause I can't trust him
Plus he working with the boys we bring the noise so fuck 'em
I tuck him in the trunk, I ain't fuckin' with no punk
Nigga snitching nigga missing cause we twisting
And that's for all my real niggaz locked up
And you bitches that be snitching when a homie sock you up
Bitch fix your mouth and get your head right
Oh get your muthafuckin' ass out my muthafuckin' house tonight
Just like a bitch quick to call the police
But ain't no telling on me and then belling on me
Look here, me and P we getting riches
And oh yeah don't forget to tell them bitches
Muthafuck you snitches


Snitches snitches snitches
Y'all be running they mouth just like bitches
Snitches snitches snitches
Niggaz be running they mouth just like bitches
Snitches snitches snitches
They be running they mouth just like bitches
Snitches snitches snitches
I got a slug for ya'll muthafuckin' snitches

Master P:

I heard a nigga snitching from his jail cell
And when he get out will he live, only time will tell
Nigga riding with the police
Used to be my homie now the punk bitch hating on me
I guess the nigga mad cause I'm ballin'
Task kicked the nigga door in now he talking
My little cousin Jimmy told me in jail he was a drag queen
Now he on probation drug dealer with a tape machine
Watch the bitch he got a camera
But when I catch the nigga I'ma slam him down with a hammer
And 17 nails
'Cause bitches talk shit and snitches get killed

Master P:

Snitches, snitches, snitches
Niggaz that run they muthafuckin' mouth like bitches
That's snitches, snitches
Federal niggaz in the muthafuckin' ghetto
Federal niggaz that's in the muthafuckin' penatentiary
Niggaz with muthafuckin' license to capture other niggaz
But they ain't got no muthafuckin' badges but they still catching cases
Snitches, snitches, I know y'all niggaz trying to get us
Snitches, snitches punk bitches, bitches
Niggaz was bitches when they was on the streets, and they bitches in jail
That's what snitches is
Tthat's niggaz with purses nigga, pocket books, nigga
Niggaz with dresses, snitches
This for y'all bitches
To all ya'll niggaz I feel ya muthafuckin' pain
Watch y'all muthafuckin' self
The haters got the high beam on
They got lights on top of they muthafuckin' Cutlasses
I know who y'all is niggaz

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Master P (feat. Snoop Dogg) "Snitches" song lyrics free

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