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P. Diddy (feat. 112, Beanie Sigel) "Dance With Me (Remix)/ Peaches & Cream (Remix)"

Альбом: We Invented the Remix

[P. Diddy]
Bad Boy
Let's dance (7x)
Yo, everybody report to the dance floor
Report to the dance floor
Bad Boy baby
112, Beanie Sigel
Here we go!

[Beanie Sigel]
God damn, guess who stepped up in the place?
The kid with two rubbers on his waist
Two steppin' to the base
and I don't usually step up in the place
I usually pull that lead out, ready to get a lead out
But damn, since I stepped up in the place
I'm try'na touch you, squeeze you, tell you what's the case
Before I bust, you squeeze, outta telly and a case of Cris'
I'm tryin' to take you to the telly, bust in ya ffffff
Tryin' to lure me out on the dance floor
I'm tryin' to get it twirly on the dance floor
Everything remains the same, might spit-talk to it
Then "Change The Game", might Crip-Walk to it
But never Harlem shake it, Harlem make it, Harlem break it
Dawg, I ain't hardly made this
You talkin' to one of Roc's finest
And do rewind this; it's Bad Boy's finest!

I can see over there, just chillin' with your girlfriends
Can't believe your by yourself, you should be here with me
Chillin' with me, drinkin' with me, freakin' with me

[Chorus: 112]
I see you lookin' at me
I can tell by your eyes that you're feelin' me
And I really want you to get close to me
So would ya, dance with me, dance with me?
My drop-top's in the parking lot
And I wanna take you back to my spot
But we still got a little more time to rock
So would ya, dance with me, dance with me?

I can see it in your eyes that you're lookin' at the time
You wanna leave this party and I know you wanna leave with me
Touch her with me, to drink with me, to freak with me
Oh baby!

[Chorus 2x]

Oh baby, won't you come with me?
On to the dance floor
'Cause you're lookin' so sexy I just want you to come home with me
So that it could be just you and me
But before we go I just want you to come dance with me


If you're sexy and ya know it, clap yo' hands (2x)
And if you're sexy and ya know it, and you really wanna show it
If you're sexy and ya know it, clap yo' hands

[Chorus till fade]

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P. Diddy (feat. 112, Beanie Sigel) "Dance With Me (Remix)/ Peaches & Cream (Remix)" lyrics to song

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