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Petey Pablo "Diary of a Sinner"

Альбом: Diary of a Sinner: 1st Entry

<*In Backround*>
I feel you Pablo

[Petey Pablo]
This Petey Pablo
April the 9th, 19-2000
Diary of a sinner, huh, 1st entry

[Verse 1]
Dear diary, this the 1st time
I had a chance to sit and just think with a clear mind
has a homeboy stressed out for a little while, few things ain't work out
could somebody come out or it's about 3:29, i'll give it about another hour
I'm over here at your man house
on your man couch, just puttin these thoughts down
maybe this right here one day will be worth something
before we start messin up
you know you get big when you leave, it's a damn shame
but that's the way that it gotta be huh,
Look at Malcolm X, Martin Luther King
Marvin Gaye, Tupac, B.I.G. and Big Pun damn this pen messy

a motherfucker had thought
and I had to write em down
it's the diary, of a sinner
a motherfucker had thought
then I had to write em down
liven life as a born loser
liven in a world that I didn't see ohhh

[Verse 2]
damn, I'm back, I had to change pen, I done got ink everywhere
all over my hand, and on my pant and how in the hell I get it way down there
just can't get it right
seem that everything I do just fall on one side
but I can say one thing, I dont always get mine, and I dont ever stop tryin
feel like I was here before my time
people say when they hear my rhyme
people see it when they look in my eye it's like ?
like 35 years on a 26 year life
i done walk so many miles in these shoes
I'm surprise that the bottom ain't wore out
I'm about to go take a walk right now

[Verse 3]
mmmm hmmm
it wha good ta me, a little walk
just what I needed, cool breeze, nobody on the street with me
my own little world of peace
but reality gotta be what it gotta be
and nuttin in the book said, life will to be sweet
I'm pleased with the life that was given to me
i could of still been sleep
on my way so please when none this here will matter to me
cuz, know when I messed up, several times
i just done something tonite
and I know I know right from wrong
and that's what kill me
i still do the wrong thing
am I crazy, can't believe I got a damn diary

oh oh oh ohh
liven life, liven life
ohh a diary, a diary ohh
and it's written on paper ohh
can't you just see it
all of my life oh,
all of my life oh,
all of my life

all of
all of my life oh lright
oh it's the diary of a sinner

[Petey Pablo]
there it is, my life
right there, right in your face
the diary, I wanna thank everybody that went out and picked up the album
got the album, and got a chance to understand who, who I'm is
know what I'm sayin, everything I gave ya'll was the truth
damn I ran out of time

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