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Raekwon (feat. Cappadonna, Method Man) "Ice Cream, Pt. 2"

Альбом: Lex Diamond Story

[Intro: Raekwon]
This is little Kane though
His little sobrero
(The Ice Water joint is back mothafucker!)
(Check out this shit)
Yeah uh-huh (What?)
Eh yo.. eh yo eh yo

[Chorus: Raekwon]
Aiyo, butter pecan Ricans, love a little candy girl
Caramel cover girl, love the way your body twirl
French vanilla cream, body work is mean
Chocolate fudge make a nigga wanna fall in love

Got them fat legs, killin' them Gucci's
Heels on, with the fat coochie
The way it's feelin' you seducin' me
Take time, create, yeah my legend is straight now
Ya inner vibe's the side of the juicy
Cheeba queen, treats on, jeans, state to state
And she got the nerve to fuck me all mean
While I rock all green, by all means
We in the mall fiendin', one more hump then I'ma scream
Boo throw me more of you, I'll take all four of you
We could flip it on the floor while I'm pourin' on you
Make me kiss it in the store on you
Cop the new drawers, the dick is all yours it's a mornin' blue
Straight mines, thats a warnin' duke
Watch me climb, that pussy looks shaped and designed
Yeah, line for line, rhyme for rhyme
That coochie is mine, I might just need it this time


[Method Man]
Shut the fuck up and get in the car
Girl, your high beams is on, I wonder how they fit in that bra
We in the front seat, splittin' cigars
I'm on my job so you handcuffin' ho ass niggaz, be on your guard
Especially on ladies night, I like it when they take a swallow
Straight out the bottle, but that ain't lady-like
I call 'em lil' pet names like Ma and Boo-Boo
So everytime I see your girlfriend, never confuse you
With the next down-ass chick, that play a part
That's cool enough to pardon my French menage a trois
Meth Man, real talk, don't mean to put you on the spot
But I know a spot to kick your heels off
I'm not as Dirty as that Bastard, be
But still a villain, I serve 'em Dick Dastardly
Here's a little taste of Ice Cream II (Ice Cream II)
So put some Vicky Secret on, trick, I might swing through


Yo, I love my dick-size, like I love women and shit
My head grew over these years, now I got a nice dick
Beauty mark right on my balls, girl, have a nice lick
Cute in the face, hair-do, you got some nice lips
Pussy monkeys holdin' my cock, just like it's vice grips
Part down the crack of your ass, your frame is priceless
Butter-butter caramel swirl, chocolate chip
French vanilla sundae girls, banana split
Cum drip down in your chin, right on your soft tits
Put your hand gently in mine, give me a soft kiss
What's really good? Girl, slip me your number
You blowin' up, and your lookin' Ice Cream this summer
Better than Beyonce, Halle Berry and them
Honey, you lookin' scrumptous, I ain't worried 'bout them
You my straight hood chick, girl, you more than a gym
You got that fat tight pussy like Notorious KIM
Butter-butter caramel swirl, chocolate chip
French vanilla sundae girls, banana split, uh..

[Chorus 2X]

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Raekwon (feat. Cappadonna, Method Man) "Ice Cream, Pt. 2" words of song

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