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Raekwon (feat. Ghostface Killah, Blue Raspberry) "Rainy Dayz"

Альбом: Only Built 4 Cuban Linx

Intro: Blue Raspberry

Summer's dream inside
Of how I'm gonna get mine
I'm thinkin bou-owowow-out so many ways
Of how to conquer, these raihahahahahny days...
[You sang beautifully just now]
[ I sang for him, and he isn't here]
*birds craw and cackle*

It's going down man, word man
Sup black?
Niggaz is fuckin around my gate man
Fuck em... yo, I'ma murder somebody man
For real I ain't playin
Whatever whatever...

Chorus: Blue Raspberry

It's raining, he's changing
My man is going insane

Verse One: Ghostface Killer

The war is on, yo
On rainy dayz I sit back and count ways on
how to get rich son, show and prove, ask my blitz
Stood up late nights, build with my a-lias
We can pull a heist, snatch ice, or rock mics
But this rap shit, got me wanna clack back the latch
How it goes Leon, pesos made from scratch
but in due time, soon to get mine like Bugsy
Heavy on the wrist, Polo mock socks and rugbies
Old flicks remind me of Gucci's, pack em in your square
and little macks milk, blast the year
That was Bill Bill, fast forward, ninety-four
Who got the bad base? Filthiest fiends scream for more
Bless me out of state, howdy Jake's, Starks is back
Niggaz want work, now I pull back off a G-Pack
Coke rocks, fled to co-ops livin gossip
Them big lip niggaz singin to cops need to box it
Stop it, the projects overflooded with slow leaks
the fiends get, new faces get wrapped in sheets
I gotta get mine, like my old Earth, bless the cheese blind
Sippin on fine wine, the power of the blacks refined
(Raining) devine
Waiting on these raw teats takes too long
It's like waiting on babies, it makes me want to slay thee
But that's ungodly, so yo God, pardon me
I need it real quick, the dope flow like penmanship
Many heads get pistol-whipped, I blow spots like horse shit
So now, talk, shit, nigga, what??

Chorus: Blue Raspberry

It's raining, he's changing
My man is going insane
Past sunlight, more gunfight

Verse Two: Raekwon the Chef

...time to get the feeling, word up
What brings rain hail snow and earthquakes
The beat breaks, cause all my niggaz to break son
Styles is similar to criminals locked up
With gats, ghetto tabernacles is fucked up
I live once though, the mind stays infinite
Travel in the church, nine planets, in my midst
While I carry, to earn a decent salary
Soon get married, raise a family, but the plan'll be
real great, to sit up in the loft, count stacks and max
And real cats cold watch my back
But listen to the Wu soon, and maintain
It's all real, starvin individuals kill
I puff what's only right, leave the poison alone
Projects, infested with rats cats and crack homes
Half of us'll try to make it, the other half'll try to take it
So many fake half real freedom-ville
Born to science my alliance analyzes
Wild surprises, keepin my eyes wide to this
The unfortunate, layin in mountains countin
With jewelry on, can it be the next team house the horn
Chill Dunn, just for real ones, light the lye up
I hate to have to tie the next guy up
Pay attention to Tims ten wins, Wu blends
Now I'm starin you, the true buckle up
Now who's a legend?

Chorus: Blue Raspberry, Raekwon the Chef

It's raining, he's changing Word up Dunn
It's raining, he's changing Peace to Philly, VA, these days
My man is going insane Word up y'all
My man is going insane Word up
Insane The sun moon and stars
Fly cars, word up y'all

No sunlight, more gun fights
I've lost him to the street life
Street life
No cash flow, no more dough
He's someone I don't even know
Someone I don't know
Rainy Dayz...
(children playing)
Gettin through those rainy dayz
Gettin through those rainy dayz
Gettin through those rainy dayz
Gettin through those rainy dayz
I lost him to the street life
The street life, whoahhhhh

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Raekwon (feat. Ghostface Killah, Blue Raspberry) "Rainy Dayz" lyrics of a song

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